PPFA’s Cecile Richards assures Katie Couric all is well

By Dave Andrusko

Katie Couric (left) interviews PPFA President Cecile Richards

Katie Couric (left) interviews PPFA President Cecile Richards

I will give Yahoo News this much credit. In its story about Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric’s interview with Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, it mentions that, oh by the way, Couric has donated to Planned Parenthood in the past. But that’s about it. Hard-hitting investigative journalism the story–and the interview itself–it was not.

The interview is everything you would expect. Puff piece is too harsh. This interview has only one agenda item: advance the narrative that Richards, who makes a half-million dollars plus, is the victim as is her wonderful, wonderful, wonderful organization.

There are three comments worth quoting.

#1. “Roe versus Wade is on the ballot,” Richards said. “Make no mistake. In fact, everyone running , pretty much, and certainly the frontrunners for the Republican nomination make Mitt Romney look like a liberal when it comes to it, and he said he wanted to overturn Roe versus Wade.”

#2. Asked about her own[abortion] procedure, Richards responded, “It was a decision my husband and I made. It was a personal decision. And we have three children that we adore and that are the center of my life. And we decided that was as big as our family needed to be. That was really the story. It wasn’t anything more dramatic than that. But I can’t imagine a woman being in that circumstance — with an unintended pregnancy–and not being able to make her own decision about that pregnancy.”

#3. In the closest thing to a real question, Couric asks, “Are you concerned that anti-abortion activists are winning the campaign for the hearts and minds of everyday Americans?”

What should be our response? Pro-lifers are delighted that the GOP presidential ranks are filled with men and women who are unequivocally pro-life. On the flip side, Democrats, lead by Hillary Clinton, are as close to Planned Parenthood as white is to rice. We will see over the next year which perspective the American people prefer: the win-win pro-life alternative or the pawing around in the body parts of aborted babies as personified by Ms. Richards’s billion dollar organization.

I don’t know and have never met Richards, so I have no way of knowing if the decision to abort their fourth child was as undramatic, the no-big-deal decision she makes it out to be. Family’s as big as it needed to be, so much for you kid. That’s it?

But I would suggest you read what we posted last April. In that story we wrote about an interview she gave to Cosmopolitan in which Richards talked about her interview with ELLE magazine that was published in October 2014 in which she talked about her own abortion.

Richards said when she opened up to ELLE, her children’s response to learning they were short a sibling

was really awesome. It’s interesting, I just talked to my kids the other day, and they knew I’d had an abortion, and they were sort of like, “Mom, it was no big deal,” but I could also tell it was important to them that we talked about it. I look at the positive response from Planned Parenthood employees……[etc., etc., etc.]

But how could that possibly be true? If it was “no big deal,” how and why could she tell “it was important to them that we talked about it”?

You know your mom is a big shot in the “pro-choice” movement, runs in powerful circles, and is joined at the hip to pro-abortion President of the United States.

But while your mom has talked about being non-judgmental; about how having an abortion is easy as pie; about “freeing women,” you didn’t know that she non-judgmentally freed herself by having an easy-as-pie abortion of your brother or sister.

Of course that would be a big deal, which is why my sympathies immediately went out to Richards’ children.

Finally, Richards denied the possibility that “anti-abortion activists are winning the campaign for the hearts and minds of everyday American.” What else could she say?

I could go through all the evidence that we are winning the “campaign” in both little ways and very, very big ways. But you’ve already read about that in National Right to Life News Today on many occasions.

Planned Parenthood, the flagship of the anti-life movement, is taking on water. How long before it sinks?