Impersonating a doctor, Kermit Gosnell, and the cries of murdered newborns

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

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funeral3reAs a reporter, I covered thousands of stories—stories of triumph, despair, trivia, and magnitude. Because of the constant stress of daily–sometimes hourly—deadlines, the news scenes I reported on are largely a blur. But some events made so much of an impression on me that they remain vivid in my mind’s eye.

One of those scenes I can’t shake was of a funeral parlor where four little coffins were on display—each casket holding the precious body of a child killed in a fire. I was overcome by emotion as I took in my surroundings. It was undoubtedly one of the saddest events I ever covered.

So you can imagine my level of devastation when I recently attended a graveside memorial service for dozens of abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s victims. In fact, a colleague snapped a picture of me and it was a portrait of pain.

Gosnell is now behind bars, convicted of killing three full-term infants and causing the death of a female immigrant patient. But while the grand jury in the case was sure that Gosnell had killed hundreds of viable babies (if not more)—they could only bring charges in a handful of cases because the serial killer destroyed records in the rest.

It would be easy to feel demoralized in the wake of such horror. But people of good will in Pennsylvania are moving forward, hoping to stop “future Gosnells.”

Just recently, the Pennsylvania House sent a Senate-passed bill to the Governor which would increase the penalties for impersonating a doctor. This legislation was one of the recommendations in the Gosnell grand jury report, since Gosnell’s horrific practice included people posing as medical professionals. Still, the unanimous House vote received not a mention on the evening news.

Gosnell also became a focal point in hearings on pro-abortion Governor Tom Wolf’s nominee to head the Department of State—the same man who had been in charge when the department did nothing to crack down on Gosnell. While Pedro Cortes was ultimately confirmed by the Pennsylvania Senate, the 18 Senators who voted against him showed that the Gosnell tragedy has not been forgotten in the corridors of power at the state Capitol.

It’s a two hour drive from the Capitol to the Philadelphia grave where the cremated remains of the 47 “Gosnell babies” are buried. Chances are the Governor—the only Governor in the country who once served as a clinic escort for Planned Parenthood—will never pay a visit. The pro-abortion establishment has distanced itself from Gosnell, making the preposterous claim that ending legal abortion would create more Gosnells.

It is Roe v. Wade which created, sustained, and emboldened Gosnell’s grisly practice. It was abortion-on-demand policy that led to a situation where babies’ cries were extinguished as their spinal cords were severed. It was the government which, over and over again, ignored the pleas of Gosnell’s adult female victims.

I once thought there was nothing worse than seeing the doll-size caskets of four young fire victims, nothing more sobering than viewing the anguished faces of their grieving relatives.

That was before I heard about Gosnell.