Associate of abortionist Steven Brigham charged with fraud

New Jersey wants to suspend or revoke Vikram Kaji’s license

By Dave Andrusko

njdepartmentlawWhen last we discussed Notorious (with a capital “N”) abortionist Steven Brigham, he was appealing the more-than-just decision by the 16-member Board of Medical Examiners to permanently revoke his New Jersey license for engaging “in professional misconduct, dishonesty and misrepresentations, and repeated acts of negligence.”

As you may recall, lacking a license, Brigham was forced by state law to “divest himself from the American Women’s Services clinics he owned in Elizabeth, Mount Laurel, Paramus, Phillipsburg, Toms River, Woodbridge and Voorhees,” according to Susan Livio of the New Jersey Star-Ledger

“Brigham’s attorney Joseph Gorrell of Roseland said his client late last year submitted a letter on Brigham’s behalf confirming he had sold his interest in the clinics,” she continued. “Vikram H. Kaji, an obstetrician and gynecologist and the medical director for American Women’s Services has assumed ownership, according to the state Health Department.”

Well, guess what? Somebody’s not telling the truth and now the state Attorney General’s office is involved.

Livio reported this week that on April 22, an investigator from the Division of Consumer Affairs came to inspect one of the abortion clinics unannounced.

As is usually the case with anything associated with Brigham, the plot quickly thickened. Kaji flatly denied he was the owner!

Livio wrote

During a closed-door hearing of a committee of the board on May 5, Kaji “repeatedly testified under oath that he was not the owner,” according to the complaint filed June 16 by Deputy Attorney General Bindi Merchant.

“He expressly testified that ‘there is no other person around, (Brigham’s) the only one who runs the show,” according to the complaint obtained by NJ Advance Media.

Kaji’s “ownership of American Healthcare Services is a sham transfer and thus constitutes the use or employment of dishonesty, deception, misrepresentation, false promise or false pretense,” according to the complaint, which asked the board to suspend or revoke his medical license.

As a result, the 79-year-old Kaji stands accused of fraud for claiming he had assumed ownership of American Women’s Services’ clinics after the Board of Medical Examiners pulled Brigham’s license. He “aided and abetted the unlicensed practice of medicine,” according to the June 16 complaint.

Brigham, who has lost many licenses in many states, lost his New Jersey license for his bistate abortion practice where he would induce “fetal demise” in New Jersey but deliver the dead baby in Maryland.

He did so, for one reason, because Voorhees, NJ abortion clinic was not licensed or equipped to perform late-term abortions. “In addition,” as Marie McCullough of the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote, “New Jersey requires that such risky surgeries be performed by an obstetrician-gynecologist, and Brigham, a general practitioner, was not credentialed to do them.”

This all came to a head over five years ago The when an 18-year-old woman, 21½ weeks pregnant, almost died [].

Kaji has his own sordid history, which we have written about most often in the context of his association with Brigham. Livio mentions []

  • “In 1993, the Pennsylvania Board of Medicine revoked his license for a year after he admitted having sex with a patient in his office in Yardley, Pa. and inappropriately prescribing her steroids and tranquilizers. “
  • “New Jersey also suspended his license for a year over the offenses in Pennsylvania. The record of his New Jersey suspension is not on the state website that lists doctor disciplinary actions, however, because the law only requires online records to go back 10 years, according to the division of Consumer Affairs.” And
  • “In 2013, New Jersey’s physician disciplinary board required Kaji undergo a neuropsychological examination because of “memory loss/impairment” issues. The evaluation found ‘mild cognitive impairment’ but he was deemed fit to practice.”

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