Nevada Legislative Roundup for 78th Session

By Melissa Clement, President, Nevada Right to Life

NVrtllogoMonday, June 1, at the stroke of midnight the 78th Session of the Nevada Legislature came to an end. The session started with great hope given both houses and all constitutional offices were controlled by Republicans – the party less adverse to life issues. 120 days later, it ended with great disappointment as we saw the senate kill AB405 (parental notification for underage girls seeking an abortion) without a vote.

Nevada Right to Life was there every one of the 120 days of the session advocating for the unborn, teens, preteens, parents, the elderly and the vulnerable. Make no mistake, AB405 was sentenced to die much earlier in the process. Good came from the efforts. See below what we gained. Today’s newsletter gives you the good. In the next few days, look for the bad and the ugly.

The Good – Please send a note of thanks…

AB405 was scheduled to die on April 10. The bill was stuck in the Assembly HHS committee where chair James Oscarson would not schedule a hearing. Several freshman assemblymen, led by veteran and friend of the cause, Ira Hansen, fought hard in the caucus to save the bill.

At the last minute Assemblyman Hansen took the bill, added himself as sponsor, had it referred to his committee, Judiciary, held a hearing, passed it out of his committee, and led the charge to pass it out of the house and on to Senate. Please write Ira [] a special note of thanks. His courage, dedication and faithfulness was exceptional. He is the example of leadership our state sorely needs. He is a friend to the voter and the unborn. If one person can take credit for how far this went, it is Ira. He did not give up the fight for you until Sine Die (session end).

Several of the freshmen assemblymen were exceptional to watch as well. Perhaps they didn’t know better or they hadn’t inhaled too much of the rare air in Carson City (or as I suspect, they truly wanted to represent their constituents), but they fought tooth and nail for parental notification all the way to the last minute. They deserve a special round of thanks. We hope to see them back next session so please remember them in the upcoming election. They will need your donations and your time. Many of them will have a large target on their back, not only from the Democrats, but from some in their own party.

Senator Joe Hardy deserves kudos for granting us a hearing in the Senate. Please thank him.

Victory Victory!

We weren’t able to pass parental notification this session, but we were in the game until the very last minute. And we made tremendous advances for the cause:

  • Prior to this session, only a few parents knew about the glaring loop hole in Nevada law that allows predators, sex traffickers and bullying boyfriends to take advantage of underage girls.
  • After the last 120 days, this topic is discussed across the state.
  • Parents are empowered and know that they must talk to their daughters long before a potential crisis pregnancy and long before Planned Parenthood gets to them.
  • AB405 was covered extensively state-wide on radio, tv, print media and social media. By and large, the coverage was VERY positive and several members of the media were struck by how common sense AB405 was.
  • New coalitions and new outreach established in this fight will long serve the state of Nevada.
  • Planned Parenthood was exposed as the anti-parent, pro-abortion organization we all knew it was. Time and time again, when interviewed, PP painted parents in a dark and sinister way. They fought tooth and nail to protect every dollar they reap off the backs of little girls.
  • Parents now know to warn their children away from Planned Parenthood.
  • Politicians who like to have it both ways were exposed. We now know who stands with parents and who stands with abortion profiteers.
  • A sleeping giant was awakened and empowered.

Doctor Prescribed Suicide

The 78th Session also included a bill on doctor prescribed suicide sponsored by Senators Ben Kieckhefer and Patricia Farley. It died without a hearing on the first deadline.

Thank you Senator – and Doctor – Joe Hardy [] for your help in beating back the forces of death.