“Can I have one?” The “best reaction” ever to an ultrasound

By Dave Andrusko

twins34reThere are few sights more delightful than watching people’s faces as they respond to ultrasounds.

Barbara Diamond headlines her post (and the video) “She Has The BEST Reaction To Her Sister’s Ultrasound Surprise.” And it may be just that.

Writing at jillian.littlethings.com, Diamond tells us the delightful story of Jillian, a teacher who is due in September, and her twin sister, Kelly-Renee.

Jillian knew there would be one person who would be “ecstatic when” at her 20 week scan, Jillian found out that her third pregnancy was with twin boys. As you watch the video, you can readily see why Ms. Diamond said, “Jillian, however, never expected a reaction quite like this” from Kelly-Renee.

Just seconds after she learns it’s twins, Jillian brings her sister into the room. What made it special is that Jillian doesn’t tell her sister the big news.

Source: Woman freaks out after learning sister’s having twins by LittleThingsVideo on Rumble

Kelly-Renee, smiling broadly, looks the ultrasound, sees a “little baby with a heart… There’s the heart….it’s beating…Look at the baby.”

The doctor, in on the game, asks innocently, “Looks normal, right”

Kelly-Renee then asks, “Are those two”?

“Oh, my God,” she shrieks with joy, “Oh my God, Oh my God…. Can I have one, can I have a baby?”

“The moment Kelly-Renee realizes her sister is pregnant with not one but two beautiful babies (27 seconds in), her reaction is absolutely priceless,” Diamond writes. “Thank God the cameras were rolling.”

Indeed, Kelly-Renee’s “holy cow!” expression just warms your heart and your face lights up in a smile.

Take a minute and go to jillian.littlethings.com.