Thanking Planned Parenthood for her abortion–as sad as it gets

By Dave Andrusko

plannedparenthoodI don’t use Reddit myself, but this social networking site is more and more popular. This week I ran across a tribute–although tribute is understating the gratitude–to Planned Parenthood: ”Biggest thank you ever to Planned Parenthood–my abortion.”

The young woman tells us that she had a “medicinal abortion” the day before–which means a chemical abortion, aka the two-drug abortion technique commonly known as RU-486–“ plus I learned some stuff that might be useful to some .” By that she is referring to the sequence of events that make up a chemical abortion “procedure.”

We will call the unnamed woman “Kathy.” Her post is worth writing about because it tells us a lot on a number of scores.

When she thought she might be pregnant, Kathy took a pregnancy test and

had a full blown panic attack at the double line, and started googling how to induce a miscarriage. Closest to pure horror I ever felt. I 100% knew I wasn’t keeping it and felt like the guy in Alien who has the creature inside him scratching away. Needed to get rid of it ASAP. (This was mothers day, which just added to the emotional weirdness.)

You could write several posts on the paragraph alone. Kathy had 100% absorbed the line that when you abort a young unborn baby you are “induc[ing] a miscarriage.”

She further distanced herself from what she was doing–and to whom–by comparing the baby she had conceived with the parasitic monster that was implanted in a character (whose body was serving as a host) in the classic science fiction movie “Alien.” But at some level, Kathy understood that making the decision to kill an unborn child on Mother’s Day was a particularly unhinged decision.

Let me make a couple of observations that straighten out a lot of twists in her story. Part of the reason Kathy is so grateful to Planned Parenthood is that the first OB-GYN office she reached “congratulated me on my pregnancy and then got all ‘oh… we’ll call you back’ when I asked if they could help me go over options.”

That’s not what she wanted to hear: she wanted the “alien” removed, not cooed over.

Kathy didn’t understand how a pregnancy is dated but she consoled herself  after her abortion when she looked at the image, “it’s really more like a yolk at the 5 week mark. I think this made it easier for me.”

Kathy tells us that when she took the mifepristone at the Planned Parenthood clinic, she did so “to stop the pregnancy from growing.” Not the baby, the “pregnancy.”

Likewise the second drug (misoprostol) which she took at home “makes your body pass it.” Not the baby, but “it.”

There is nothing in her story that suggests the abortion clinic clued her into the indisputable fact that chemical abortions can be almost unimaginably painful and dangerous (to the mother).

So her gratitude included that Planned Parenthood was (to state the obvious) “non judgmental”; prompt (they scheduled the abortion for the next day); and disposed of the pregnancy/it before Kathy would have required a surgical abortion “which I think for me personally would’ve been a little more traumatic, especially doing this by myself.”

Kathy’s story ends with a promise someday to “write them a fat donation.” Just before that final sentence she writes

Anyway, after a hell week of stress and crying tears not knowing what to do next, I feel like as soon as I got on the phone with PP it’s like your mom’s there taking care of you.

Not to be cruel, but neither Planned Parenthood nor Kathy acted anything like a real mom.