The price paid when states turn a blind eye to the abuses of abortionists


By Dave Andrusko

Abortionist Nareshkumar G. Patel (The Oklahoman PAUL B. SOUTHERLAND)

Abortionist Nareshkumar G. Patel

Among the talking points pro-abortionists shout the loudest are that abortion is absurdly safe (for the mother) and that abortionists are the salt of the earth, solid citizens. These assertions are not only voiced in the loudest tones they are among the “facts” we hear most often trotted out as reasons we should never do anything to regulate the abortion industry.

Last week NRL Director of Education Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon just destroyed the latest academic “study” purporting to show that the percentage of complications associated with abortion is lower than just about anything you can think of, including tonsillectomies and having your wisdom teeth removed. Please re-read the story but if you don’t have time, remember (as Dr. O’Bannon wrote), “Nearly 8% (or between one in 12 and one in 13) of women showed up at the clinic or a local Emergency Room seeking some service within six weeks of their abortions.”

Also last week NRL News Today posted two stories about an Oklahoma abortionist [ and]. Fortunately, it is not only pro-lifers who see that Oklahoma abortionist Nareshkumar G. Patel is no more an abortion “outlier” or “renegade” than was Kermit Gosnell, who, as you recall, was convicted of three counts of first-degree murder.

To its credit, the Daily Oklahoman wrote an editorial under the headline, “Oklahoma abortion doctor’s case highlights need for oversight.” The first paragraph captures the irony of the illogic of abortion proponents:

ABORTION-rights supporters often claim that clinic regulations represent a “war on women.” But the arrest of an abortion doctor in Warr Acres demonstrates that, without oversight, some individuals working in the abortion industry are capable of exploiting and harming women to an astounding degree.

The editorial can be read here, so here are three quick comments.

#1. The Daily Oklahoman editorial explains that Patel told three uncover investigators they were pregnant (at least one he told she was “very pregnant,” according to police records). None were. He then prescribed five pricey RU-486 abortion pills.

Beyond allegedly committing fraud, Patel would be giving powerful drugs to women that “cause hemorrhaging.” It’s actually much worse than that, but they are on to an important point. “[I]t appears Patel was willing to subject women to this potential trauma because he was primarily interested in financially exploiting women.”

#2. Abortionists do not tend to live lives of poverty. Gosnell earned close to $2 million dollars a year performing abortion and he bought an 18ft sailboat and owned at least nine properties in four states.

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Patel? “Such unethical activity is apparently lucrative,” the editorial observed. “Patel lives in a $3.8 million home in north Oklahoma City.”

#3. And again Patel and Gosnell are not isolated examples, as we have written about in NRL News and NRL News Today. Gosnell was able to make a fortune and grotesquely exploit poor women of color because officials from Philadelphia all the way up the state medical bureaucracy couldn’t be bothered to investigate and monitor him (or other abortionists) on a regular basis.

Here’s the section of the editorial that does the best job of speaking to the wider issues Patel’s alleged crimes raises:

Yet many abortion-rights advocates act as if “doctors” like Patel and Gosnell should be ignored, despite the very real danger they represent to women. The Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice has challenged many state laws imposing abortion regulations. After a victory in one such case, the group’s president, Martha Skeeters, declared that lawmakers had “put their own ideology ahead of the expertise and sound medical judgment of doctors, who obviously know better than politicians what treatment their patients need.”

But the Patel and Gosnell cases clearly show that some abortion doctors have little interest in “sound medical judgment” or the well-being of their adult patients.

Those who turn a blind eye to the abuses of some abortionists — and therefore tacitly condone real harm of patients — are prioritizing political expediency over the well-being of women. They’re the warriors in the “war on women.”