Drop me a line, I need your feedback on NRL News Today


By Dave Andrusko

nrlnewstoday0813Each year New York Times columnist David Brooks selects what he believes are the best magazine essays of the year. Like many people, I try to read as many as possible, having learned that his choices are almost always excellent.

No, I’m not going to offer my opinions what are the best pro-life essays for 2014. There are a ton of them, some of which, I would modestly suggest, have appeared in National Right to Life News Today, our Monday-Friday online newspaper, or in the digital monthly edition of National Right to Life News which is coming out this week.

But as we approach the end of the calendar year, I would ask your opinion on a related issue. On a typical day I post nine to twelve stories, most written by National Right to Life staff, a few reposted from other thoughtful pro-life writers.

My question to you is, what subject matter do you like to read most? One way of answering would be to ask yourself, after perusing the headlines, what stories do you turn to first? Let’s categorize Monday’s and Wednesdays stories, see what we get, and determine which are your favorites.

There are three stories about the CDC numbers, re-emphasizing that the number of abortions continues to go down. Another about a brave young woman facing terminal brain disease with dignity and courage.

We write a lot about people and personalities who demonstrate the best in pro-lifers. For example, how a sidewalk counselor gave a young woman a “better way” than taking her baby’s life. Conversely, there is, alas, never any shortage of stories about euthanasia, worse in Europe but a menace here at home as well.

There is too often the very unhappy stories of medical neglect. But on the other hand we wrote about Angela, seemingly born dying, who is alive eight months later. Yet no story can be much sadder than a woman 8 ½ months pregnant who was pinned to the wall by a car that jumped the curb. The mom died, but the baby has survived, so far.

Finally (although the list could go on and on), we have two stories about a young pro-lifer who has posted a powerful pro-life video on YouTube.

The list goes on and on.

Please drop me a line about these or any other kinds of stories, won’t you? Do you like any more than others? Are there categories of stories I have not mentioned that you would love to read about?

Your input will be big help. Please write me at daveandrusko@gmail.com.