Pro-abortion ‘icon’ Wendy Davis faces daunting odds as November 4 gubernatorial election approaches


By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion Texas state Senator Wendy Davis and Pro-life Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

Pro-abortion Texas state Senator Wendy Davis and Pro-life Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

Imagine you are pro-abortion “icon,” Texas state Senator Wendy Davis, famous far and wide for your pink tennis shoes and your marathon filibuster of a pro-life Texas bill (H.B. 2). When you decide to run for governor, you are hailed by all the usual suspects and all Texas Democrats who have not won a state wide office since 1990 when Ann Richards (mother of PPFA’s Cecile Richards) won the contest for governor. (She lost four years later to George W. Bush).

Sure, Davis won the endorsement of Cosmopolitan magazine. That is not exactly hold-the-presses news. Equally expected—or at least would have been back in her glory days earlier in 2014—is the editorial endorsement of the reliably pro-abortion Dallas Morning News.

Lo and behold, “We recommend Greg Abbott for Texas governor,” read the headline on the editorial page. They came to this conclusion in a back-handed sort of way.

“Davis has fought valiantly. But for all her progressive promise, and alignment with this newspaper on many issues, Texas cannot afford to provoke the kind of partisan stalemate her victory would probably bring, much like the gridlock that has paralyzed Washington. As much as Texas needs to counterbalance its GOP hard-liners, we fear Davis would only invigorate them.”

Just to be clear, it’s not so much that the Dallas Morning News is convinced Abbott (who is pro-life and who gave a marvelous speech at the 2013 NRLC convention) would be a great governor, although the editorial does grudgingly give him some kudos. And it’s not that Davis’ out of the mainstream approach on abortion would set her at odds with not only the legislature but the entire state that is a reason not to endorse here. It’s (once again) those crazy Republicans and/or pro-lifers who will control both houses.

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The final blow, you might say, was a piece written by Katie Glueck for Monday’s POLITICO under the headline, “Wendy Davis and the ever-longer odds.” Glueck referenced the Dallas Morning News editorial , the double digit lead enjoyed by Abbott, and other developments, then wrote this:

“But as the governor’s race took off and her chances looked increasingly slim, the national spotlight largely faded or, when it did return, was less than flattering. Recently, observers in Washington winced in response to a Davis ad that invoked Abbott’s wheelchair. The Republican was paralyzed years ago after a tree fell on him.”

Tacky (to put it mildly), even by pro-abortion standards.

It would particularly satisfying to defeat a woman who rose to fame filibustering a bill that would prevent the death by abortion of babies capable of experiencing excruciating pain as they are ripped to shreds.