On “historic” results, the impending defeat of pro-abortion “icon” Wendy Davis, and a gloomy NY Times editorial

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama, pro-abortion Texas State Senator Wendy Davis

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama, pro-abortion Texas State Senator Wendy Davis

It’s so close that now we’re down to counting the number of hours before next Tuesday’s mid-term elections. Let’s staple together some tantalizing hints about what could happen November 4.

There is talk of  “historic” results for President Obama—and not in a good sense. That is, Mr. Obama could be the President whose party lost the most combined number of seats in his two mid-term elections (2010 and 2014)—at least going back to President Harry Truman.

Personally, I’m setting my sights on taking control of the Senate away from pro-abortion Harry Reid (D-Nev.) Everything else is gravy.

Then there was the piece that ran last week at Vox.com about Wendy Davis. The pro-abortion Texas state Senator came to fame for her filibuster which temporarily waylaid a comprehensive pro-life law.

But Davis—and the usual pro-abortion cohort—thought Davis’ 15 minutes of fame could be translated into winning the race for governor to replace pro-life Rick Perry. Her loss to pro-life Attorney General Greg Abbott is expected to be in the  double digits.

But in Vox’s  Andrew Prokop ‘s ahead-of-the-curve historical revisionist take, it was never about her winning (it wasn’t?). Rather it was about losing by less than Bill White, the last Democratic candidate for governor, who lost to Gov. Perry by 12.7% in 2010.

That’s a long ways from those heady days of early 2014 when the field of competitors for the Democratic nomination parted like the Red Sea to allow the “deliverer” to walk through without getting her pink sneakers wet.

And then there is the grumpy (even by the New York Times’ standard) editorial bemoaning the end of Western Civilization if Republicans take control of the Senate. The editorial board trotted out the usual, unimaginative litany of slurs and predictions of the demise of all that is good and [un]holy.

But my favorite came in the third paragraph when the Times bashed Republicans for being “committed to time-wasting, obstructionist promises.” Did no one mention to the Times’ editorial board that the self-appointed role of the current majority leader—that would be Democrat Harry Reid of Nevada—is to protect his Democratic colleagues from ever voting on anything? (Even the Washington Post’s editorial board noted “the hyperpartisan control of Democratic boss Harry Reid.”)

The most amusing—and revealing—comments this week came from the always anonymous “White House officials” who are busy “preemptively spinning a midterm defeat,” in the words of the National Journal’s John Kraushaar.

Earlier this week [http://nrlc.cc/1u14szM], we wrote about a piece written by the Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty. Tumulty was analyzing how little luck Democrats had separating themselves from Obama (it’s hard, given that they’d voted in virtual lock-step unison with the President).

Kraushaar quotes one top White House official who told Tumulty, “He doesn’t think they have any reason to run away from him. He thinks there is a strong message there.” This prompts Kraushaar to write:

This is pure delusion: Obama is the main reason Republicans are well-positioned to win control of the upper chamber next Tuesday. And Democrats’ biggest strategic mistake in this election is that most candidates didn’t run away far and fast enough.

One other point worth considering—besides the enthusiasm gap and the many times Democrats have put their foot in their mouths that we’ve discussed elsewhere. The Wall Street Journal ran a very thoughtful piece yesterday, using two congressional races from my home state of Minnesota as the crux of the story, to point to an unassailable truth: Democrats are hemorrhaging white working class voters.

Unfortunately, Kristina Peterson and Dante Chinni do not address a telling  factor those of us who’ve been involved for decades know about first hand (especially if you come from Minnesota): these working class Democrats were forced out of the party by a leadership absolutely dominated by pro-abortionists who were determined to “cleanse” the party of “anti-choicers.”

We are less than 4 days away from mid-term elections. If you have not voted in advance, be sure to go to the polls next Tuesday.

To see a list of National Right to Life endorsed candidates, go to: www.nrlpac.org/endorse-states.htm