Kate and Prince William are having their second baby


By Dave Andrusko

The royal couple with first child, George

The royal couple with first child, George

Thanks to instant communications/social media, just about everyone already knows that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge—Prince William and his wife Kate—are expecting their second child.

The news was released earlier than apparently planned when Kate, who is suffering from morning sickness, was forced to pull out of an official engagement at the University of Oxford because she was not feeling well.

“We’re immensely thrilled, it’s great news, early days but I’m hoping that things settle down, she feels a bit better,” Prince William told reporters. “She’s feeling ok, it’s been a tricky few days, week or so. I’m going to go back and look after her now.”

“The baby” (not the “fetus”) “will be fourth-in-line to the British throne, after grandfather Prince Charles, father William and elder brother George, the couple’s first child born in July last year,” Reuters reported.

Social media, of course, lit up instantly. And why not? Kate and William are as charismatic and appealing a couple as you could imagine—and already have the adorable older brother, Prince George.

As I read the happy news, I could not help thinking about what we posted last Friday: MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry whose mindless “imaginings” was to imagine what superstar singer Beyonce could [should?] have said at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards program–celebrate abortion.

It will be interesting to see what Harris-Perry says about the royal couple’s second baby. Just as she attempted to co-opt MTV Video Music Awards program, Harris-Perry was the resident wet blanket when George was born.

Not every birth is a “fairy tale,” she scolded/hectored/lectured her audience.

So naturally—inescapable—Harris-Perry offers as a contrast examples of the toughest scenarios to prove to us “that an unwanted pregnancy can be biologically the same as a wanted one” but “the experience can be entirely different.”

Then in one of those famous Harris-Perry head-scratching leaps that you don’t see coming, she transitions to ask the rhetorical question, “When does life begin?” She immediately answers her own question:

“I submit the answer depends an awful lot on the feeling of the parents, a powerful feeling, but not science. The problem is that many of our policymakers want to be [making] sweeping laws on these feelings.”

Huh? Science tells us nothing about when life begins? It’s all “feelings,” so your feelings, my feelings, policymakers’ feelings, Harris-Perry’s feelings, a gerbil’s feelings all carry equal weight and all are equally relevant to public policy?

Back to baby #2 whose due date was not announced, as of this morning, at least. As you can see, the smile on Prince William’s face speaks volumes.

When George celebrated his first birthday Maria Vitale Gallagher wrote a wonderful piece that concluded this way:

Each celebration of babies…each recognition of baby bumps…every photo of a most beautiful pregnant woman is actually a victory for the pro-life side. No court can overrule popular expressions of reverence for life.

When advocates of abortion are trumpeting abortion-without-limits bills…when politicians champion “choice” without saying what the choice is…when the President claims that the anniversary of Roe is something to celebrate rather than a tragedy to mourn…it can be difficult to remember these small victories.

But, in the end, each small victory brings us closer to the day when every unborn child will be viewed as a prince or princess under the law.