Early voting for mid-term elections begins today


By Dave Andrusko

Iowacompare3reShows you how even people who are pretty much up to date—like yours truly—can miss an important date—like today.

Thursday, September 25 is the day that early voting begins in Iowa, North Dakota, and Wyoming. Last week Minnesota and Vermont kicked off the early voting season.

33 states allow people to vote well before election day.

Over the next few weeks, millions upon millions of Americans will vote prior to November 4. Indeed as many as 40%.

If you, or some pro-life friend or family member you know, have any reason to believe you/they will not be able to vote the first Tuesday in November, by all means vote early. Do so even if it is merely only more convenient.

The NRL PAC has a complete list of all 33 states which allow early voting and the date early voting begins . You can access it all here.