Savannah’s and Vale’s nine-month journey—she was “here” all the time


By Dave Andrusko

Vale Guthrie Feldman
[this appeared on her mother’s blog]

Whew, just in time! Hours after we posted our story about Savannah Guthrie, the Today Show co-host delivered Vale Guthrie Feldman, all 8.5 pounds of her.

Today’s Matt Lauer explained this morning that “Vale” is taken from an old English word meaning “valley by a stream.” Lauer added, “They named her that because she was so calm and so serene until ten o’clock last night.” (Vale was delivered around 3 am.)

Aside from being delighted by what was to Ms. Guthrie a surprise pregnancy, we had posted several stories based on the remarkable research the Today Show explored on the world of “Hotel Uterus” (Guthrie’s droll characterization) and the “guest.”

NRL News Today keeps pretty close track of work demonstrating the absolute continuity of the unborn child from beginning to birth, but there was much that was new. {See, for example, and,}

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We received a boatload of responses to yesterday’s story. Guthrie’s love affair with her unborn child came across not just in the excerpt we reprinted from her last blog before going on maternity leave, it also came across in every sentence.

Here is just of the many striking things Guthrie wrote along the way. This is from her blog last May:

“The baby is the first thought when I wake up, and the last thought as I sink into slumber at night.

“I whisper little encouragements to the baby: ‘You’re doing a great job growing up!’ or ‘I’m so happy you’re here!”‘

“I pray for the baby. I sing to him/her. I wonder about the baby constantly: ‘’What are you up to? Are you sleeping right now? Are you awake? How do you feel about the Indian food?”

“I am so happy you are here”—a reminder that Vale was “here” just as much when she was snuggled safely in her mother’s womb as she was when she officially made her debut early this morning.

Congratulations to Savannah Guthrie and her husband, Mike Feldman.