Today is deadline for pro-life Virginians to comment on abortion clinic regulations


By Dave Andrusko

LifefirstgiftIn the past three years, we have run multiple stories on the ever-lasting effort of the abortion lobby in Virginia to undermine the law passed in 2011 to enact commonsense regulations on abortion clinics. We are running a separate story about the history, but the following comes from NRLC’s state affiliate, the Virginia Society for Human Life, which is urging pro-life Virginians to petition the state Board of Health to “to preserve the hard won regulations.”

The URL is

VSHL’s alert is reproduced below


Dear Friends

We are only hours from the final deadline for comments to the State Board of Health regarding the new abortion facility regulations. The period for online comments closes today July 31, 2014. Gov. Terry McAuliffe is determined to reverse these critical regulations. Your comments to the Board of Health can influence their next vote!

While VSHL understands that no one can truly make abortion safe as long as the unborn child is killed in every abortion, we must not let pro-abortion advocates push their agenda forward at the risk of women’s lives too!

Please ask the Board Members to vote to preserve the hard won regulations. Don’t allow unscrupulous abortionists to go completely unchecked in Virginia.

Virginia Health Department inspections have revealed many unsafe and unsanitary conditions such as:

  • doctor doing exams with unwashed hands
  • fetal remains found at bottom of freezer after contents spilled out of bag
  • failure to disinfect blood-stained equipment and recovery cots between patients
  • splattered, dried blood on exam tables and between cushions


Common sense regulations include:

  • Maintaining medical equipment, supplies and drugs to manage potential emergencies
  • *Patient rights and patient services such as a process for registering complaints against the abortion facility to the Virginia Dept of Health, having a staff member certified to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on-site for emergency care when abortions are performed.
  • Infection prevention
  • *Policies and procedures outlining criteria for discharge from anesthesia care.

You can comment here:

Thank you for standing up against the pro-abortion lobby!

Olivia Gans Turner, president, Virginia Society for Human Life