War(s) on Women


vic-fund-warOne of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on the American electorate is the accusation, fabricated in the 2012 elections, that pro-lifers have somehow conducted a “war on women.”

There are exaggerations and there are lies. This one’s a lie.

Pro-lifers, research shows, have saved more than nine million lives through pro-life legislation, education, and pregnancy help centers since Roe v. Wade.

That’s 4.5 million women and girls whose lives were saved. Four and a half million alive today who would have been killed if it were up to the policies of the people who attack us for conducting a so-called “war on women.”

But that isn’t to say there aren’t wars on women. It’s just that they’re coming from the other side.

So let me ask our opponents some pointed questions:

  • It seems almost every day we hear of another abortionist responsible for the injury, maiming, or death of one of his female patients. These tragedies never seem to stop. Wouldn’t that by their own definition be a “war on women?”
  • What of clinics that perform abortions on minor girls who are victims of statutory rape or incest, but then refuse to alert the parents or authorities who might help the girls extract themselves from such degrading and dangerous situations? Isn’t that a war on women?
  • And what of the judges in states that have parental consent or notification laws for abortion – judges who rubber-stamp approval for abused minor children to get secret abortions, but then do nothing further to investigate and put an end to the abuse? Another war against minor girls.
  • What of women emotionally devastated by post-abortion trauma, suffered because abortion zealots fight tooth and nail to deny women considering abortion even the most basic information about their baby’s development or alternatives before making that life or death decision? By the time many women find out, it’s too late. Where is their compassion about that war on women?
  • And what about Barack Obama and his allies giving our tax dollars to the UNFPA which supports China’s forced-abortion practices, which lead to abortions of mostly girl babies? That’s a war in which baby girls literally die, but we rarely hear a word about it from the pro-abortion side.

I don’t know about you, but I’m disgusted by the attitude of people who demean and degrade and refuse to defend women, but instead turn their aggression on pro-lifers who are simply defending the right of all girls, boys, women and men to enjoy the lives they are blessed with.

It’s time we start hitting back when attacked with these phony claims of a “war on women!”

Ask those who accuse pro-lifers: “What about the abortionists who kill and maim women and unborn baby girls?” Ask them to defend abortion “clinics” that take their $500 of blood money for an abortion from a scared, abused girl and then throw her right back into her nightmare of a life without so much as a phone call or follow-up.

They can’t.

The election rhetoric will be rough this year, and rougher still in 2016. They’ll continue to claim we’re “warring” against women as long as a willing media accommodate their lies – and they’ll come up with some new outrageous charges, too. It’s all part of the game for them.

But it doesn’t have to succeed. The National Right to Life Victory Fund is already out in the field this election season, telling Americans the truth about what the abortionists and their apologists in office are doing to destroy human life, to destroy our culture, to destroy women and girls.

Your financial support for the NRL Victory Fund can help us get that truth to more Americans, to tell them which candidates are supporting life and protections for the women abused by abortionists; and which candidates favor a culture of death.

You can help us defeat the nonsense that is called the “War on Women.” And defeat the real war(s) that kill and destroy so many lives.

carol-tobias-sigpiccontributenowCarol Tobias