By narrow margin, New York Senate health committee votes against dangerous abortion-expansion legislation


By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Pro-abortion New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Late in the day Tuesday, we posted a story explaining that by the narrowest of margins, the New York Senate Health Committee rejected a bill that would have expanded abortion in the third trimester and eviscerated the limited protections already in place in what many people call the Abortion Capital of the United States.

Introduced by pro-abortion State Sen. Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, the Reproductive Health Act was defeated on a party line vote, with eight Republicans  and one Democrat voting against the RHA.

To understate the bill’s potential impact, it helps to remember that its radicalness is clothed (once again) in the guise of “strengthen[ing] abortion rights in New York” or “codifying existing law.” To its credit, Newsday was much closer to the truth. Backed by pro-abortion Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the measure would “further protect late-term abortions.”

Continually brought up for several years, the Reproductive Health Act is yet another abortion-expanding bill pushed by the pro-abortion forces in the New York State Legislature.

Last year the New York Assembly passed the 10 point “Women’s Equality Agenda”(WEA) as a package. The Senate, however, took each one up individually, refusing to bring the 10th point–the abortion expanding component–up for consideration.

This year, the Assembly again passed the full package. By refusing to pass the other nine points individually, the Assembly was holding them hostage to the aspect that would expand abortion.

With the abortion aspect of the WEA yet to come up for consideration in the Senate, they forced consideration on the equally dangerous and extreme Reproductive Health Act.

Gov. Cuomo talks about the need for this law to “protect a woman’s right to obtain an abortion… as established in Roe v. Wade.” But, of course, there have been many Supreme Court decisions since 1973, including the 1992 Planned Parenthood v. Casey decision which gave states some leeway to pass reasonable, commonsense limitations on abortion.

Ironically, pro-abortionists—who are forever insisting it is pro-lifers who want to “go back in time”—are the ones who want to revert to the jurisprudence of 1973 where there were no restrictions on abortion.

Lori Kehoe, executive director of New York State Right to Life, congratulated those who took a stand yesterday. “We are so thankful to the Senators who are committed to standing for women and their children,” she said. “It is ridiculous that in 2014 we have to fight those who would legalize the dismemberment of unborn children for any reason throughout the third trimester.”

Kehoe challenged those senators who voted in favor of the Reproductive Health Act to explain “why they think dismemberment abortion in the ninth month for any reason is needed in New York State, or anywhere that deems itself a civilized society.”