Little KJ dies, baby had survived death of his seven-month pregnant mother killed in drive-by shooting


By Dave Andrusko

Qualeica James seen in a Facebook photo here with her four-year-old daughter.

Qualeica James seen in a Facebook photo here with her four-year-old daughter.

Sad news compounding an already terrible tragedy. The baby boy who was delivered after his seven-month-pregnant mother was shot and killed in Miami Gardens, has died.

Nicknamed KJ by the family of  21-year-old Qualecia James, he was delivered Sunday March 30 but passed away last Friday.

James, also the mother of a four-year-old daughter, was a passenger in a car when another vehicle came along side and opened fire. The driver, who was not hurt, pulled into a driveway and called police. James was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital in an extremely critical condition. She died but doctors at the time were able to save KJ.

Mary Pierce, James’s cousin, told Maggie Newland of CBS4 in Miami that the family knew all along there was little hope for the baby, but couldn’t let go.

“You see him and how gorgeous he was, you just refuse to let go,” Pierce told Newland. “They already told us he had no brain activity but just to look at him and know we do have a God that can heal we decided to wait and see what God would say. He did what was best. We trust he did what was best.”

Newland wrote that the pain to the family, already reeling from the loss of Qualecia, was devastating.

“She’s so missed. She was a sweet young girl. She was respectful; she was helpful,” Pierce said.

Bernadette Pierce, who is James’ grandmother, added, “It’s hurting to know that I lost my granddaughter and I lost her son too. It’s just hard.”

To date, police have not named any potential suspects.

The family is asking Qualecia James’ killer to come forward.

“Have a mind and a conscience,” said Bernadette Pierce, “turn yourself in. You got to work it out and ask God for forgiveness.”