Here’s why you should be at the 44th  annual NRL Convention  June 26-28



By Jacki Ragan, Convention Director, National Right to Life

Every year since 1973, National Right to Life has hosted a convention designed specifically for the state affiliates, chapters, leaders, and grassroots activists across the country.    The convention moves around the country to make it easier and less expensive for people to attend.

This year, the 44th  annual convention will be held in Louisville, KY on  June 26, 27 and 28, at the beautiful downtown Galt House hotel.

What can you expect at this National Right to Life Convention?

  • Up to date information on all aspects of the right to life movement and how we are working to end abortion;
  • Over 100 speakers from across the nation sharing their expertise;
  • 5 General Sessions including an in-depth analysis of The Real War on Women, Bioethics, Abortion and Breast Cancer, and Political Action in 2014;
  • 66 + workshops on every imaginable topic of interest to pro-lifers;
  • A three-day National Teens for Life Convention packed with their own speakers, topics, activities, fun and entertaining tools to help them get the most out of their time in Louisville;
  • Dozens of pro-life exhibits offering lots of different materials, stickers, hands on information, billboards, etc.;
  • Childcare so that you can relax and learn knowing your children are being well cared for, entertained, and making life-long friendships;
  • A chance to talk and interact with other pro-lifers who are often experiencing the same challenges you are.    You may have a tidbit that would mean the world to them, and then they may have solved the problem you are currently having years ago. What an awesome opportunity to sit and chat with folks from across the country who do what you do in the movement.

So, will you come?    Or, better put, why wouldn’t you come?

I encourage you to regularly check in at our website– – so that you can keep up with the latest information on NRLC 2014. This will provide you with ALL of the information you would need about the convention.

We are here for you if you want to speak with someone. Just call  202-378-8843  and we will be happy to answer any questions or allay any concerns you may have.

I hope to meet you in Louisville. I promise you we at NRLC will do our very best to make absolutely certain it is worth your while!