New Iowa Poll shows massive opposition to use of Web-Cam abortions


By Dave Andrusko

Iowaabortionpoll3If there is a common thread in the by-the-numbers pro-abortion response to any pro-life initiative, it is that the public sides with our benighted opposition. As we have demonstrated a hundred times, this is not so.

The latest in a long line of examples is the response of Iowans to a query about web-cam abortions, aka “telemedicine” abortions.

A whopping 2/3rds—exactly 66%–said telemedicine should not be used to prescribe and deliver “legal abortion-inducing medicine.” Barely a fourth—27%– said it should.

No subgroup favored webcam abortions, which eliminates the presence of the abortionist altogether. Instead it relies on a computer hookup which allows a pregnant woman in some remote location to electronically interact with an abortionist back in Des Moines. A review of some medical records, a couple of questions, and the abortionist merely clicks a button to release a drawer at her location containing the abortifacient pills. The woman is given a hotline number to call if she has problems.

Specifically, according to a story in the Des Moines Register, the poll of 703 Iowa adults found

“Older Iowans are the most likely age group to oppose the telemedicine abortion system, according to the new poll. Among Iowans 55 or older, 70 percent oppose it, the poll shows. But even among Iowans younger than 35, 60 percent oppose it.

“Eighty-six percent of Republicans oppose the telemedicine abortion system, compared with 62 percent of political independents and 49 percent of Democrats, the poll shows [45% were in support]. Opposition runs at 80 percent among Catholics, 70 percent among Protestants and 80 percent among self-described born-again Christians.

“Even though rural women would be most likely to use the system, opposition is strongest among rural Iowans, the poll shows. Seventy-three percent of rural adults think the system should not be allowed, compared with 59 percent of urban Iowans. …

“In the new poll, participants’ gender has little effect on their opinion. Opposition to the telemedicine abortion system runs at 67 percent among women and 65 percent among men.”

Why is this significant? Quickly, four reasons.

#1. “Telemedicine abortions were pioneered in Iowa in 2008, and national experts say no other states are extensively using such a system.” Indeed, “Legislators in several states have passed pre-emptive laws banning the practice.” People in Iowa are familiar with ultra-aggressive campaign engineered by Planned Parenthood of the Heartland and they do not like what they see.

#2. Last year when the Iowa Board of Medicine voted to require that abortionists be physically present when dispensing chemical abortifacients to pregnant women, there was an endless (and utterly predictable) hue and cry from PP of the Heartland that the web-cam system was safe and effective and called the new rules “unwarranted, unnecessary,” and “restrictive.” None of that was true and it important that the citizens of Iowa have not bought into the lies.

#3. The Democrat-controlled Senate is “not expected” to move a bill enshrining the requirement in law, as passed by the Republican-controlled House last month, the Register reported. It will be interesting to see if the new Iowa poll has any impact on the Senate.

#4. Two-thirds opposition even though the question was lathered in code words to get affirmative answers. “Telemedicine”—used properly to save not destroy lives—is supported by everyone. “[L]egal abortion-inducing medicine”—“legal” and “medicine”—how much more antiseptic-sounding can you get than that?

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