“That Could be Us”


Editor’s note. We had a huge response to our story on the new pro-life film, “Gimme Shelter” (“Gimme Shelter” and the art of battling giants“).

If you haven’t read our review, please do and pass it along to your family and friends. You need to see the film.

The following email was sent to me in response. It speaks volumes. I’d like to share it with you.


Vanessa Hudgens as Agnes “Apple” Bailey

Vanessa Hudgens as Agnes “Apple” Bailey


I read your review of ‘Give me Shelter.’ Just thought I would share with you and the folks at National that in 2007 I opened just such a shelter in Las Vegas, Living Grace Homes (www.livinggracehome.com).

I took the young ladies from our home to see the movie; we were all crying.

When we came out of the theater one of the girls hugged me and said, “That could be us.”

If we are asking young women in crisis pregnancies to carry their babies to term, we have to be ready to help them when someone tells them they have to choose between the roof over their heads and the life of their baby.

We truly must give them shelter.

Kathleen Miller

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