Between the lines what Chelsea Handler Really told us in her story about her teenage abortion


By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. Stories that we write for NRL News Today appear on all the major search engines, starting with Google News. This means that people can run into a story that is hours old, a year old, or several years old. As it happened two people emailed me this week about this story which appeared almost exactly two years ago today. I thought it worth reprinting because our reading audience grows and grows and grows.

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler

To be honest I wouldn’t know Chelsea Handler from Adam (I am not her target demographic) if she hadn’t appeared on “The Rosie Show” last week and talked about the abortion she had when she was sixteen. (Apparently she is a “comedianne” with a foul-mouth.)

The segment tears at your heart. She tells O’Donnell, who is outspokenly pro-abortion, that her initial response when she became pregnant was, “I was so delusional, I was like, ‘I’m ready for a baby,’” followed by a nervous laugh.

The manner in which she told her parents is not entirely clear, but she did, and they told her, “You are getting an abortion.” Now 36, Handler told O’Donnell (these comments represent a compression over a few minutes time)

“I was trying to argue with them. [But they said] ‘You are throwing your entire life way. You’re not having a child right now. This is not what our family is about. You’re supposed to create a life for yourself. We want you to enjoy your life and not be raising a child, and we’re certainly not going to be raising it for you.’”

O’Donnell segues into what is a weak link for pro-abortionists: the women who regret their abortions. Not in O’Donnell’s circles. She concedes that “not that it [abortion] was a casual thing that they never think about again,” but “It’s not a life-defining negative.”

In a show of solidarity, Handler agrees. Why? “I wouldn’t be a good mother.” She immediately adds, “Obviously you should do whatever you want with your body and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you what to do. It’s your decision and, of course, no, I have no regret at all.”

At the risk of belaboring the obvious, Handler didn’t exercise her “right to choose.” Her parents took over the decision-making for her.

Note, by the way, “This is not what our family is about,” a pretty clear reference that a baby out of marriage was not acceptable to her parents. If that weren’t enough, they tried the carrot and the stick: you shouldn’t HAVE to raise the baby and WE sure aren’t!

No regret at all? My guess is Handler’s feelings are much more complicated than retroactively concurring with her parents’ decision to coerce her into aborting her baby.

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