Thousands of pro-lifers gather at Arkansas capitol to commemorate 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade


Photo Credit: Cliff Crawford

Photo Credit: Cliff Crawford

Last Sunday thousands of Arkansans gathered in Little Rock for the 36th Annual March for Life, marking the 41st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion on demand.

Wayne Mays, president of Arkansas Right to Life, led the march along with invited dignitaries and other special guests.

“We all meet together peacefully, quietly, reverently, silently,” Mays said. “We just want to speak for the unborn.”

“Sponsored by Arkansas Right to Life since 1978, pro-lifers once again came, marched, and mourned for the loss of life of innocent unborn children,” said Jacki Ragan, the director to the National Right to Life board from Arkansas. “Comprised of people of all ages and from all walks of life, the one thing they had in common was to stop abortion and return legal protection to unborn children.”

Photo Credit: Cliff Crawford

Photo Credit: Cliff Crawford

Ragan added, “Standing and watching the Marchers walk past me I could sense a real energy, especially among the young crowds of pro-lifers to get this job done! We enjoyed hearing from Congressman Tom Cotton, Congressman Tim Griffin, and other state dignitaries. It was a great turn out, a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and an inspiring program.”

“In a culture that regards the worth of the unborn human being as based on her mother’s choice, we honor and celebrate the intrinsic value of every human life in a powerful message on adoption by our keynote speaker, Ms. Jennifer Briselden,” said Executive Director Rose Mimms.

“In November Arkansas Right to Life began a statewide focus on Adoption with a major media campaign ‘Turn the Unplanned into a Loving Plan’ to promote and support programs that assist women to choose adoption instead of abortion” Mimms added.

Others participating in the program were Reverend Chris Perry, Pastor of Christ Church in Maumelle and Father Eric Pohlmeier, Pastor of Our Lady of the Holy Souls Catholic Church in Little Rock. The Arkansas Youth Chorale, under the direction of Conductor Eddie Airheart, performed musical selections.

The 12th Annual Abortion Recovery Press Conference immediately followed the March for Life Program, in the State Capitol Rotunda. It is powerful and important to hear from real women who have experienced the private pain of abortions and have had the courage to find healing.

This event is sponsored by the National Abortion Recovery Helpline 866-482-LIFE.