Last chance


abortionstops5“Debbie” was going to have an abortion. In fact, she was literally in her car on her way to the abortion facility that was going to kill her baby.

The “counselors” there hadn’t told her the full truth about her baby’s development. They rarely do.

So many women choose abortion simply because they don’t know the truth about the humanity of their little babies. But sometimes, those little babies are given one last chance.

This was one of those days.

Years earlier, National Right to Life wanted to know what messages could most impact women considering an abortion – what would make them see that their baby was not a “glob of tissue” or “mass of cells” as the abortion “counselors” so often told them. So we conducted focus groups and polls and found a number of themes that seemed to really touch hearts and express how deeply human these precious little babies are.

Then we converted those themes to media ads, to print materials, to messages on our website. And on this day, Debbie saw one of those themes.

As “Debbie” headed to the clinic where her baby was scheduled to die, she saw something on the bumper of the car in front of her. It was National Right to Life’s red and white bumper sticker that told a simple, but powerful truth:

“Abortion Stops a Beating Heart.”

That’s all Debbie needed to know. Her baby had a heartbeat. Her baby wasn’t simply a “mass of cells,” but a little human being whose heart was already providing life-giving oxygen and nourishment, just as it does for her. She realized she couldn’t abort her baby!

She turned around and went home. Her baby lived!

That baby had one last chance. You and I have one last chance to support the life-saving educational work of the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund and still receive a tax deduction for 2013. Contributing online any time until midnight Tuesday night will not only help us save more precious babies like Debbie’s, and save many like her from a lifetime of regret, but it will be fully tax-deductible for you when you file your taxes for 2013.

Babies win, moms win, and you win as well!

As we head into the New Year full of challenges and opportunities for the Right to Life movement, let me wish you a most blessed year, and express our thanks for all you do to support the lives of the unborn and to help educate the public in your own way about the value of each and every human life.

Thank you and have a blessed New Year!

Carol Tobias