Emotional Celebration of Sonya’s Law

By Barbara Lyons, executive director, Wisconsin Right to Life

SonyasLawgroupreSonya’s Law went into effect in July of this year. Last Friday morning, the team responsible for enactment of Sonya’s Law got together to relive, remember, and celebrate this tremendous gain for Wisconsin mothers and babies. Sonya’s Law requires that a woman view an ultrasound of her baby 24 hours before her abortion can take place.

The star of the celebration event was Sonya herself, beaming with pride for the role she played. Sonya’s son, Sam, whom she viewed on ultrasound at six weeks and decided to give birth, is now three months old.

The Wisconsin Right to Life team of Barbara Lyons, Sue Armacost and Heather Weininger were joined by Senator Mary Lazich and Rep. Pat Strachota who authored the law; Dottie Enters and Gwen Shilling of Eyewitness for Life; Sharon Hudy and Krys Crawley of Women’s Care Center; and Dr. David Merrill. All of these individuals worked tirelessly and brilliantly to ensure that Sonya’s Law became a reality. We salute these fantastic individuals whose care and concern for mothers and babies is unparalleled.

It was an incredible event for an incredible law!