Six year sentence for man who forcibly aborted girlfriend using Misoprostol

Ahmed Raofi

Ahmed Raofi

By Dave Andrusko

The story in the British publication The Daily Mail included this: “WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT.”

And well they should. The full story is incredibly brutal, so we will include only the most pertinent details.

Ahmed Raofi, 29, has been jailed for six years for forcibly aborting the child his girlfriend refused to kill, using the prostaglandin misoprostol.

Irene Santos, 39, was 19 weeks pregnant when Raofi went on the Internet to find a way to cause her to abort the child she refused to “terminate.” He bought the Misoprostol packets, invited her up to his flat, where she bound and gagged her as she screamed for help. He then forced at least four Misoprostol tablets inside her.

She began cramping within a few hours, the Daily Mail reported. The baby “was still breathing and showed signs of life, paramedics told the court,” Tom Gardner reported. The baby survived for at least ten minutes.

Raofi admitted to administering a poison with intent to procure a miscarriage.

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Raofi was married to another woman and was back with her in Afghanistan in January when Santos told him over Skype she was pregnant. Raofi’s threats grew increasingly violent, including the warning that he would wait until she was seven months pregnant and then “punch it out of her.”

The baby showed signs of movement and breathing when paramedics arrived. “Ms Santos told a midwife at hospital what had happened to her and that is when the police were called and the defendant was arrested,” Gardner wrote.

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