Beginning in September a wonderful opportunity for Federal Employees to Help NRLC Educational Trust Fund reach the public on Life Issues

By Marie Rivers

2013_CFC_adThe fall presents a great opportunity for federal employees to help the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund’s pro-life endeavors through the Combined Federal Campaign. (There are also state employee and private sector plans that we will discuss later in this article.)

This marks the 31st year that the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund is part of the CFC.

The Trust Fund uses CFC donations to educate communities on right to life issues via educational talks in schools, purchasing of materials for state and county fairs, schools and civic groups, and conducting educational radio and print ads. Some state right-to-life groups also use educational funds to assist crisis pregnancy centers.

How and when can I help?

The CFC takes place each year between the months of September and November, on approximately 200 military bases and postal offices around the country ; a few campaigns run into December. Most of these military areas conduct “kick-off” events where employees pick up CFC brochures from which to select the charity or charities they wish to contribute to and pick up premium items and educational brochures sent in from participating 501©3 charities.

If you are a federal employee, your designation to the National Right to Life will help life saving educational efforts throughout the country. Look for the NRL ETF in your CFC brochure alphabetically under the workplace campaign federation called Human Service Charities of America (HSCA), alongside NRL’s 25 word description and CFC # 10542.

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In addition to the CFC, there are a number of state employee campaigns the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund participates in. Currently, they are: Arizona, California, Florida, Maine, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. If you are a state employee in one of these states, look for the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund under HSCA’s sister federation called Neighbor To Nation (NTN) in your state campaign brochure.

Lastly, private sector campaigns are emerging throughout the country. Simply check with your workplace to see if it conducts an in-house charity giving program and you may write in the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund.

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