Slight overall decline in abortions in England and Wales, but increase in repeat abortions, late abortions, and abortions of babies with disabilities

By Dave Andrusko

BabiesinhandThe latest figures from the British National Health Service (NHS) reveal that 3 of every 8 abortions (37%) in England and Wales are repeats. Digging deeper 2012 statistics include “more than 4,500 women who underwent at least their four abortions, 1,334 on at least their fifth and 33 women who have terminated nine or more pregnancies,” reported Laura Donnelly, the Health Correspondent for The Daily Telegraph.

The sole good piece of news from The Department of Health figures is there was an overall 2.5% decline—to 185,122–in 2012.

Besides the troubling huge increase in repeat abortions (54, 603 a decade ago, more than 66,0000 last year), there was a colossal 17% increase for abortions on the grounds of disability. (The grounds for what qualities as “disability” is very loose.)

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Anne Scanlan, a spokeswoman for the pro-life organization LIFE, told the Telegraph, “It is a tragedy that abortion is now regarded as a routine response to a crisis pregnancy.” Scanlan added, “These statistics strongly suggest that abortion is no longer being seen as a last resort in uniquely difficult situations, but something much more routine.”

The figures also disclose a sharp rise in the number of pregnancies which were aborted on grounds of disability, with a 17 per cent rise in such cases in one year, to 2,308 last year. (The grounds for what qualities as “disability” is very loose.)

Not only were more babies with disabilities aborted, there were 2,860 abortions in 2012 on babies who were older than 20 weeks, Donnelly reported—a 5% increase from 2011.

Chemical abortions continue to rise in Britain and Wales—almost half in 2012.