Pro-Life v. Pro-abortion in Texas and North Carolina

By Dave Andrusko

Please take a moment to reflect on these two very different understandings of what is at issue in the battle over pro-life legislation to protect unborn babies and their mothers in Texas and North Carolina.

Yesterday a Texas a state Senator placed pairs of baby shoes on his desk in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee to represent the unheard voices of those who have been aborted in Texas, saying. “There are some other people that haven’t been allowed to speak, the children that would fill these shoes.”

Thousands of pro-life and pro-abortion supporters were in Austin, Texas, Monday and today as pro-life legislation moves it way through the House of Representatives and Senate. (More about that below.)

And then there is this photo from a tweet sent out by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund (

Planned Parenthood:  We're proud to #standwithNCwomen—no matter how small!

Planned Parenthood:
We’re proud to #standwithNCwomen—no matter how small!

As you know from reading NRL News Today, North Carolina is advancing a multi-pronged pro-life bill (“North Carolina Senate passes strong pro-life bill”). As was and is the case in Texas, pro-abortion protestors have tried to disrupt the legislative process.

Obviously, PP Action Fund is either totally oblivious to what their text says—standing with North Carolina women “no matter how small!”—or, more likely, have persuaded themselves that it’s not only good publicity to exploit young girls but that these same youngsters will thank them someday for “protecting” the “right” to kill young girls (and boys) prenatally.

It is so bizarre, so against common decency, that it reminds us yet again what happens when the grip of pro-abortion orthodoxy tightens its hold on otherwise capable minds.

The Texas bill includes a number of features, including protecting unborn babies capable of feeling pain from abortion—20 weeks fetal age, according to the best medical evidence–and protecting their mothers by requiring that abortions be performed at an ambulatory surgical center.

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In addition the abortionist would be required to administer chemical abortifacients in person, rather than via videoconferencing where he is never in the same room with the mother. Moreover, abortions would need to be performed at an ambulatory surgical center and the abortionist would be required to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles, in case there are complications. And—pro-abortionists to the contrary notwithstanding—there are complications including death from abortions.

In Texas, the pro-abortion testimony yesterday, at least according to press accounts, broke no new ground. State Sen. Judith Zaffirini (D) said, “I do not believe there is substantial evidence that an unborn fetus at 20 weeks feels pain.” Sen. Glenn Hegar argued that there is and also took on the pro-abortion talking point that most abortion clinics would close down, if required to make upgrades.