Final Resolution for “Baby Chloe” pushed back to May 22

By Dave Andrusko

Baby Chloe

Baby Chloe

When NRL News Today first ran a story about “Baby Chloe, who was abandoned but miraculously survived, several good-hearted readers wrote to ask about adopting. They joined a small army of volunteers, at least if stories out of Houston, Texas are accurate.

But before anyone can apply, a court hearing last week decided that the biological parents have one last chance to come forward before their rights are terminated for good. The hearing to terminate those rights had been set for April 22, but was pushed back to May 22.

Found abandoned in a dumpster February 19, wrapped in a Walmart plastic bag with about three inches of umbilical cord attacked to her stomach, Baby Chloe is currently being cared for by foster parents, according to television station KHOU-TV.

That Chloe is alive is astonishing. She was discovered by a woman walking her dog outside an apartment complex in Houston. The dog picked up on the scent and led her to Baby Chloe.

According to Sgt Gordon Trott, of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the pet owner initially thought someone dumped a dead animal. Fortunately, although the baby was unclothed, Chloe’s body temperature was normal. She was rushed to Texas Children’s Hospital.

“She was very healthy… didn’t have a fever,” Estella Olguin of Child Protective Services (CPS) told KHOU. “Fortunately, she did not suffer from being exposed to the elements that evening.”

Doctors estimated that Chloe had been born just hours before she was found. They also thought Chloe was born slightly premature at 35 weeks gestation.

She has “a full head of black hair, big gray eyes and already has a small bottom tooth, which is unusual for newborns and is considered a genetic trait,” according to The Houston Chronicle.

“Child Protective Services began looking for the girl’s biological mother or father, but no one ever came forward,” KHOU reported. “Composite sketches were made of what the parents could possibly look like. The name Chloe was given to her by the hospital staff at Texas Children’s.”