Life and death and the womb

By Ellie Saul

Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a blog entry that was posted on March 7.

 Ellie Saul

Ellie Saul

Sunday a beautiful, young Jewish couple was tragically killed in a hit and run in New York on the way to the hospital to deliver their baby. In this tragic accident, the parents were racing to give birth, not destroy the life inside them. A cab driver also involved was treated and released. The message to the guilty party that drove away was, “We know law enforcement is going to get to you, but our message is give yourself up before we find you.”

The doctors at the hospital performed an emergency c-section to save the life of the baby who survived, but only a few short hours longer than the parents. Please mourn with me for this family and pray for their community to be comforted.

This is such a tragic event that contrasts abortion vividly and graphically. So many babies die violently in New York every day at the hands of abortion doctors and at the request of their parents. When a baby is aborted, the parents live and the baby dies. It is so tragic to me that these parents died on their way to give birth to a child and the child lived while the parents died.

What happened was the opposite of abortion, and the response of the news and the nation is also opposite. When the parents die, a nation mourns, as it should.

When babies die, no one notices.

It should give us great hope that a nation still grieves and reports tragic deaths. It should also make us more fervent in praying for the scales to be removed from the eyes of the nation so they are able to see abortion as it is- the tragic death of children. The couple in the crash were so young. They were both 21 and had not even been married for a year. They had their whole lives ahead of them.

Countless babies die daily and the nation rejoices in “choice” and “reproductive rights” and the majority of the church is silent. These babies had their whole lives ahead of them too.

The number of lives lost during the holocaust are still being updated and are now being reported as even more severe than anyone ever realized or acknowledged. How could so many people be deceived and blinded to the evil murder taking place daily? We have history and museums to teach us to be on our guard against the same blindness toward evil.

Please pray urgently that pictures of abortion centers will one day be memories of an evil time when the church fell asleep and did not notice all the babies who died every day. Please pray with me that the instruments they use to rip the limbs and crush the skulls of innocent babies will be in glass, sealed cases, far removed from any womb, to remind us of the evil we once allowed. Please agree with me that our children and grandchildren will be raised to believe that all life is sacred and valuable and that they will never repeat or promote the horror of abortion unlike our generation.

Our message to abortion supporters, practitioners, and supporting law-makers should be similar to that of the law enforcement in New York city. …