Pro-Life Perspective: Standing Up for Women, Part 2

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National Right to Life President Carol Tobias

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias

This is the time of year when state legislatures are furiously working to pass laws on all kinds of subjects.  Many of them are considering laws that will protect pregnant women and their unborn children.  In most of the states, opponents of pro-life legislation will again trot out the tired, worn-out lingo about how pro-lifers don’t care about the woman making a difficult decision.  Don’t be discouraged or intimidated by that false rhetoric.  Remind yourself that we are the real champions for women, not those who only offer a dead baby as the solution to a problem.

As mentioned yesterday, thanks to President Obama, the United States is again funding the United Nations Population Fund.  This fund supports China’s population-control program, which includes forced abortion.  Stories abound of pregnant women in China who are dragged out of their homes, taken to “family-planning” centers against their wishes, and have an abortion forced on them.  The abortion can be so violent that the women die along with their, sometimes, full term babies.

It is estimated that there are 37 million more males than females in China.  200,000 children a year, usually from poor families, are seized or sold as child brides.  Girls from surrounding countries are kidnapped or lured under false pretenses and forced to work in brothels.   Where are the so-called “pro-woman” abortion advocates and why aren’t they speaking out against what’s happening to women in China?

Editor’s note. Due to an error on my part, the authorship of four “Pro-Life Perspective” columns was misstated. “Life in the Womb” which ran March 5-8, was written by former NRLC President Wanda Franz, Ph.D., not current NRLC President Carol Tobias. My apologies go out to both Wanda Franz and Carol Tobias.

The use of abortion as a means of sex selection is a major problem in a number of Asian countries.  According to various reports, more than 160 million girls are “missing,” having been the victim of sex-selection abortions.  Unfortunately, the practice of sex-selection by abortion is increasing in North America.

When gender is the reason for the abortion, a disproportionate number of babies killed are girls.  But when given the opportunity to support legislation to prohibit sex-selection abortion, abortion advocates fail the baby girls.  Rather than oppose sex-selection abortion, they oppose the legislation.

While the pro-abortion movement offers only a dead baby as the solution for a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, the pro-life movement has taken up the challenge to help her through this difficult time.

Pregnancy Resource Centers offer support, clothing, supplies, and when needed, a place for the pregnant mom to stay.  They have arrangements with medical personnel to provide free medical care if necessary.  Some Resource Centers offer parenting classes and other services, depending on the volunteers and local support they have.

Abortion advocates are even trying to shut these centers down.  They don’t want women to have “that” choice.

Whether a woman is considering an abortion, or has had an abortion, pro-lifers open our arms and our hearts to her.  Not all women who have had an abortion have physical, psychological, or emotional problems resulting from the abortion, but many do.

A leading complication of abortion is that the procedure may damage her uterus or cervix.  This leads to reproductive problems, including a doubled risk of sterility, a 50%-90% increased risk of having a future ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage or premature birth in future pregnancies, and in rare circumstances – death.

Aborted women report a sense of helplessness, emotional numbing, guilt, pain, grief, depression, irritability, and aggressive behavior.  They may have eating disorders, higher psychiatric admissions, flashbacks, nightmares, drug and alcohol abuse, suicidal thoughts, and in some cases, suicide.

Many women have also found hope and healing.  Pro-lifers have heard too many stories from women who are hurting because of their abortion.  Some physically, but most psychologically and emotionally.

Making sure we have public officials willing to pass protective legislation isn’t always the most glamorous thing to do and there are sometimes heart-breaking moments. But we know that in order to save lives and protect women, we must (to paraphrase Winston Churchill) “never, ever ever….give up.”

And we know that if we never give up, our efforts will be successful and both mothers and their unborn children will be spared from the pro-abortion agenda.