Hearing today for “Baby Chloe” for couples wishing to adopt baby saved from dumpster

By Dave Andrusko

Baby Chloe

Baby Chloe

The story we ran ten days ago about the baby found in a dumpster by a woman walking her dog continues to generate a ton of response. In fact, “Baby Chloe’s” remarkable survival has generated more “likes” at www.nationalrighttolifenews.org than any article we’ve ever published. And that doesn’t even count those who those who took the time to drop me a line at daveandrusko@gmail.com, including two this morning.

I hadn’t heard about the case of the baby with the incredible winsome smile, found wrapped in a Walmart plastic bag with about three inches of umbilical cord attacked to her stomach, until March 15. She’s actually been found February 19 outside an apartment complex in Houston when a woman’s dog picked up on a scent and led her to Baby Chloe.

According to Sgt Gordon Trott, of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the pet owner initially thought someone dumped a dead animal. Fortunately, although the baby was unclothed, Chloe’s  body temperature was normal.

“She was very healthy… didn’t have a fever,” Estella Olguin of Child Protective Services told KHOU television. “Fortunately, she did not suffer from being exposed to the elements that evening.”

Chloe left the hospital soon after and was placed in foster care. On March 4, a Harris County judge determined that she would remain with the foster family until she is adopted. Technically Child Protective Services has custody of Chloe.

The pivotal hearing is today, March 25. “CPS will present prospective adoptive parents to the judge,” the Houston Chronicle reported. “Many callers asked about adoption after Chloe’s story was told in media reports.”

(Chloe is living with a dual foster and adoptive family. if they are interested in permanently taking care of her, they would be eligible to adopt her.)

The Chronicle reported that doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital,  estimate that she had been born just hours before and thought Chloe was born slightly premature at 35 weeks gestation. She has  “a full head of black hair, big gray eyes and already has a small bottom tooth, which is unusual for newborns and is considered a genetic trait,” according to The Chronicle.

When Chloe’s picture  “hit the television screens and melted the hearts of those deep in the heart of Texas,” wrote Susanna Rose. “Soon, groups of strangers began e-mailing and calling to find out more about the adoption process.”

“The little bundle of beauty may have had a pretty ugly start to life but now packs of people want to become her parents,” writes MyFoxHouston.

There  is still no news about the identity of Chloe’s mother. Making the decision to abandon Chloe even more perplexing is Texas has a Safe Haven law which allows anyone to drop off a child at a hospital or fire station without facing any charges.

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