Shuttered Alabama abortion clinic will not re-open

By Ben Johnson

Editor’s note. This first appeared at and is reprinted with permission.

BIRMINGHAM, AL, February 12, 2013 – After a history of violations that produced a 76-page report from the Alabama Department of Public Health, a Birmingham abortion facility is finally calling it quits.

The state revoked the license of the New Woman All Women facility, owned by Diane Derzis, last March and closed the facility two months later.

The state announced the closure last year, on Good Friday.

Derzis worked with Kelley Rainwater, a longtime associate, to attempt to reopen the business. However, the ADPH said Derzis could play no role in the new venture, and that Rainwater had to bring the building up to code by last December.

On February 8, the ADPH confirmed that Rainwater had failed to comply with these steps and thus her application was denied.

“Each day that this facility remains closed is one more day that babies are saved and women are safe from the dangers of abortion in Birmingham,” said Fr. Terry Gensemer, executive director of Charismatic Episcopal Church for Life. “We thank God for every victory in this battle to shut down NWAW.”

Derzis also owns the only remaining abortion clinic in neighboring Mississippi, the Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The state health department announced its intention to revoke its license last month. Derzis has since painted the building hot pink as a visual statement that its pending closure is part of the “war on women.”