Outstanding initial responses to “What would you say if you only had one minute?”

By Dave Andrusko

PregnantTeen23On Friday I asked our National Right to Life News Today readers to respond to a request for their “take” on how to make the case for life if you only had one to two minutes. Many, many people responded—and I’m looking for more (daveandrusko@gmail.com  or at  www.facebook.com/nationalrighttolife). And, by the way, to encourage the maximum response, I am not going to use anyone’s name

The feedback has been tremendous. Over the next days (and longer if people continue to write back),  I’m going to quote from some emails, categorize others, and in some cases (when the response is brief enough) quote the reader in his/her entirety.

Pro-lifers really do believe in the power of reason and scientific fact —when conveyed in an unthreatening manner—to change minds and hearts. Parenthetically, that is why pro-abortionists instantly resort to slogans: it allows them to talk about something else (ANYTHING else) than what happens to whom in an abortion.

It’s a kind of accumulation of information (c follows b which followed a) that fairly shouts out the conclusion that abortion is wrong—lethally wrong for the unborn child, and emotionally and physically and psychologically damaging to many mothers.

For example,

“Biologically speaking, the unborn are independent, alive humans from the point of conception. True, the proper term for them is ‘fetus,’ but that just means they’re not fully grown, but what is? Newborns are by no means fully grown, and they are no less dependent on their mothers than before. In truth, I’m still rather dependent on my mom. So, killing the unborn–that’s what it is because abortion ends what was alive–is just the same as killing a beautiful three year old. Unless you think it should be legal to kill the three year old as ‘a mother’s right,’ you can’t argue that about abortion.”

Or this example which marries a powerful image to a core American value to demonstrate what price we pay as a culture for abortion.

“Just as a grain of wheat  is ‘alive’ the moment it germinates not the moment it breaks through soil, so a child is alive the moment it is conceived, any demise after that point for any reason ends a human life; this is a scientific fact. Pro-lifers like myself believe all human life to be equal and priceless. This includes the life of the mother and child, parents and grandparents, all saints and sinners, and even abortionists. A society that’s kills its children has no future!”

And at the other end of the persuasion spectrum, there is the kind of question that cuts right to the chase: “Which of your children would you choose to kill today?”

Still others would tell a “life story,” for lack of a better term. Several correspondents sent powerful testimonies of being the only one of the grandparents not pushing the unmarried teen couple to abort. They did not sugarcoat the tension and the clashes. But that only made the conclusion, such as the one that follows, all the more memorable:

“What would I say?  In a nutshell, all the experiences we have had with my grandson over the last eight years were worth it!  Both parents became better people because they were made responsible for this little life.  He has changed our family (and the family of his Dad!) more than anyone can imagine.’

Please continue sending what you would say—or what you have already said—to me at daveandrusko@gmail.com.