Help from readers major reason many more people are reading NRL News Today!

By Dave Andrusko

nrlnewslogo2reThis is a very brief post to say, “Thank You!” My most sincere gratitude goes out to those many readers of NRL News Today who are individually helping to make this pro-life resource much more widely available.

How? As you can see on this post, you’ll find, just under the headline, a number of options whereby, with a single click, you can forward this post. The major ones are Facebook and Twitter, of course, but there any number of additional alternatives (Pinterest, Tumbir, even your own Gmail, Hotmail, or AOL accounts).

What is happening is that when a given NRL News Today story appears on, say, your Twitter account, everyone who follows you has the chance to read it AND post it on their Twitter (or Facebook) account. Some of our readers have enormous followings!

In other words, when just you forward one of our stories, the chances instantly increase that the story will be read by hundreds, even thousands, of additional readers.

And more and more of you are doing just that. What a blessing!

Again, to those of you are already forwarding NRL News Today stories, my deepest thanks. I can only hope that everyone else will follow their example, not for my sake, but the sake of keeping the pro-life community up to speed on the latest developments.

Remember: the pro-abortionists have virtually limitless financial resources. We can off-set some of that advantage by keeping one another informed, using the best and most current pro-life information—National Right to Life News Today.

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