Young pro-life leaders turning out to elect a pro-life president

 By: NRLC staff

In the 2008 election the youth vote turned out famously for Obama by a wide margin. The likelihood of a similarly strong pro-Obama youth turnout this year remains doubtful. Meanwhile, a growing group of pro-life young adults are motivated to put a pro-life president in the White House, and have been turning out for months to do what they can to help make that a reality.

Here is a glimpse into National Right to Life’s network of college students and young professionals, former Academy students and interns, who have been putting their money where their mouth is – or more accurately, their time – working overtime to elect a pro-life president this November 6.

Up in Massachusetts Matt has been active on the “No on Question 2” ballot campaign, to prevent the state legalization of doctor-prescribed death. He has been calling into radio shows, writing letters to the editor, and engaging in social media to inform Massachusetts citizens about the dangers of legalizing physician-assisted suicide.

Over in Wisconsin, Ann has been knocking on doors as part of the “Fire Obama” campaign. Chelsea has mastered the art of double-fisting the phones as she tirelessly makes calls to Wisconsin voters.

Down in North Carolina Teresa and Sarah are phone banking and distributing candidate comparison literature to ensure North Carolina votes for a pro-life president. Erin is organizing activities in New Hampshire.

Kelsey has been calling Virginia voters to urge them to vote for Romney. Lisa is helping to distribute pro-life candidate comparison literature in Virginia. She also points out “one really important tool we must never forget is actual conversation. Just spark a conversation about the pro-life movement and abortion and see how people react.  A lot of people do not have the facts of the abortion issue so it is up to us to get those facts out there!”

And it all comes down to Ohio, or so the story goes these days. Andrew has been on the road for months coordinating the distribution of hundreds of thousands of pieces of pro-life candidate comparison literature all over the state of Ohio on behalf of National Right to Life. Other NRL Academy alumnae, like Rachel and Eileen have been helping. Andrew recently told The American Spectator ”the outpouring we’ve seen from the grassroots has been impressive…[i]t’s a pro-life country. We deserve a pro-life president.”

Upon seeing the throngs of pro-life youth at a recent March for Life, NARAL’s president Nancy Keenan remarked, “[t]here are so many of them, and they are so young.”  We are the pro-life generation – and we will elect a pro-life president!