Great Response to “Pay it Forward”

By Dave Andrusko

Thanks to everyone who responded with such enthusiasm to “Pay it Forward”  For those who may have missed this story which ran yesterday, it was an encouragement to more fully utilize social media in the defense of unborn children with a link to another story that explained how to exploit the potential of Facebook and Twitter, in particular.

Here are excerpts from just two responses:

“I say, Amen! to expanding the ways we do things through social media. What do we have to lose–except human life?! I would say this is all the more why we should get involved. So, let us Pay It Forward!”

“I was in my mid-sixties before my granddaughter talked me into going on Facebook. I was very, very reluctant. Now I use Facebook and Twitter and tumblr to help get the word out. Bless you for all that National Right to Life is doing.”

I talked specifically about how you can use your social media to increase the number of people receiving NRL News Today, which is growing, but not nearly at the pace we need for it to reach its full potential. Here’s how you can help—and it will take only a couple of minutes.

#1. When you read a story in NRL News Today that you find helpful, look at the bottom where you will see a great number of social media links, including Twitter and Facebook. Assuming you have one or both (and if you don’t, be sure to pay special attention to Luis’s story), you just click on one/both and a link to that story is posted. In other words all your social network friends will see a link to and be able to access NRL News Today.

#2. More directly, post a quick note on Facebook or Twitter (for starters) encouraging your friends to sign up to have NRL News Today sent to their inboxes every Monday through Saturday. That URL to sign up is found at

#3. Anytime one of your friends posts a link to an NRL News Today story on Facebook or Twitter, pass it on using your social networks.

Please join us in the fight to protect innocent human life using social media. Let me know that you’ve “signed on” by emailing me at