The Fall brings Life Saving Opportunity for Government Employees through contributions to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

Agency #10542

By Marie G. Rivers

The work of the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund permeates all 50 states through the hard work of National Right to Life’s state affiliates. Fortunately, pro-lifers who work for the federal government can help to make that work possible by pledging to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

If you are a government employee, please find the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund, agency #10542, in your CFC brochure listed alphabetically under the federation called “Human Service Charities of America” (HSCA). Your pledges are a crucial component of our educational outreach to communities across the nation.

The annual campaign just began, so the time is now to designate the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund. By so doing you not only help the Washington office of NRLC but also the many state affiliate educational programs with which the Trust Fund shares CFC pledges.

Many state affiliates take the time to tell NRLC what they are doing with the funds that are shared, courtesy of pledges fromthe CFC.

For example, Right to Life of New Mexico’s executive director Dauneen Dolce explained that “this donation will help keep RTLCNM-Educational Trust Fund supplied with the literature, videos, and other educational supplies to be used to educate the people of New Mexico. Thus, your donation is a very important one and one that is most appreciated.” 

Executive Director of Maine Right to Life Teresa McCann-Tumidajski wrote, “be assured that these funds will be used for pro-life educational purposes here in Maine.”

The National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund is so grateful to the government employees who make their pledge to help the plight of the unborn, elderly and disabled. But the opportunity to help is not confined to federal employees.

There are also a number of state employee campaigns the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund participates in which also enhances nationwide educational efforts. They are: Arizona, California, Florida, Maine, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

For state employee campaign employees, you will find National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund under the federation “Neighbor to Nation” (NTN).

Private sector employees who have an in-house employee giving campaign, may simply write-in the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund.

For further information on workplace giving, contact Marie G. Rivers at

Thank you for your past and future support!

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