Terrific resources available at NRL Victory Fund webpage

By Dave Andrusko

On its webpage, www.nrlc.org, National Right to Life offers an amazing variety of essential materials, everything from A to Z. I’d like to introduce you to still another important and versatile resource, the web page of the NRL Victory Fund (www.nrlvictoryfund.org).

What is The National Right to Life Victory Fund? It is National Right to Life’s independent expenditure political action committee dedicated to electing pro-life leaders to the White House and Congress.

Here are just some of the materials that you can read and, if you choose, download quickly at www.nrlvictoryfund.org.

  • Where the Candidates Stand on Life (also available in Spanish), a one-page comparison of Gov. Romney and President Obama on major pro-life issues
  • The Obama record on Life
  • 54 reasons to defeat Obama
  • The Obama Attack on Religious Freedom
  • The Obama Health Care Law (“ObamaCare”)
  • National Right to Life’s endorsement of Gov. Romney, including the statement of NRLC President Carol Tobias
  • The latest news about Gov. Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan

You can also keep track of the Victory Fund at its Facebook page — www.facebook.com/NRLVictoryFund

A very, very important and useful resource. Be sure to go to www.nrlvictoryfund.org and then read and share all the important information that is available at a click of your mouse.