Presidential Polling Data with 49 days to go

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-life Mitt Romney and Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

There are 49 days until November 6, and as NRL News Today has done for months, we will continue to offer a look at current polling data on an almost daily basis. Today, we’ll take two representative polls, one that shows pro-life Mitt Romney ahead, a second with pro-abortion President Barack Obama leading.

According to Monday’s Rasmussen Report, Romney is up two on Obama—47% to 45%. If “leaners” are included, the vote is tied at 48%. Typically, Rasmussen found only 4% saying they are undecided.

(“In Virginia and Ohio, Obama leads by a point. In Florida the president is up two,” according to Rasmussen Reports.  “Romney has edged back into the lead in Missouri and is up six in North Carolina.”)

On the all-important job approval question, 50% at least somewhat disapprove, while 49% say they at least somewhat approve of President Obama’s job performance.

Last Friday’s New York Times/CBS News poll of likely voters (including leaners) gave the advantage to Mr. Obama, 49% to 46%.

“[W]hile the climate for Mr. Obama has improved since midsummer, and Mr. Romney has failed to shift sentiment decisively in his favor, the poll found that the presidential race is narrowly divided,” report Jeff Zeleny and Megan Thee-Brenan. “The outcome could still turn on unexpected events and how the candidates are perceived after their three debates next month.”

The Times/CBS poll finds Obama with a 12 point advantage among women, while Romney is ahead among men by 8 points. “But independent voters, who supported Mr. Obama by eight percentage points in 2008, are now breaking for Mr. Romney by six percentage points.”

Last week’s Washington Post/ABC News had the President up by one but losing the very important Independent vote by 11 points (54% to 43%). Likewise the CNN/ORC poll showed Obama up by six, yet losing Independents 54 to 40%.

How Mr. Obama can be this far behind among Independents and still be ahead overall is a continuing puzzle.

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