New Ad says President Obama “too radical” for Hispanics

By Dave Andrusko

A new ad arguing that President Obama “is too radical” for Hispanics”—that “He does not share our values, he undermines them”–is now running in Nevada. The 30 second spots, in both Spanish and English, will run through October 1, POLITICO reports, quoting Alfonso Aguilar, executive director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles.

The spots are available in both English ( and Spanish (


Among other things, the female narrator says

“We Latinos are a people of faith and family. And we are tired of having our votes taken for granted by politicians who don’t share our values. …

“[President Obama] favors unlimited abortion.

“He has even tried to force churches to violate their beliefs.

“President Obama is too radical. He does not share our values, he undermines them.”

According to POLITICO, the two spot “will start running on the top two Spanish-language radio and TV stations in Clark County.” Mr. Aguilar says he may “expand operations” in Colorado as well.