British Woman pleads guilty to aborting her child in last week of pregnancy

By Dave Andrusko

Sarah Catt

The British newspaper The Daily Mail reported today that Sarah Catt, the mother of two, pleaded guilty to administering poison with intent to procure a miscarriage of her unborn baby in her final week of pregnancy in 2010.

Chief Inspector Kerrin Smith told reporters “The evidence shows this to have happened in the final stages of pregnancy within the last week of the due date that this baby should have been born.”

Smith added, “Throughout this investigation [Catt] has claimed that this pregnancy was terminated legitimately even though that would not be legally possible. A legal termination can only be carried out up to 24 weeks in normal circumstances unless there are dire medical requirements to go beyond this. There were none in this case,” Smith said. 

Abortions are forbidden in Britain after the 24th week unless the woman’s life is at risk or meets the very elastic criteria of involving a substantial risk the child would suffer serious physical or mental handicap.

Smith said “many questions remain unanswered” despite a long police investigation.

For starters, police were vague about what Catt ingested to cause a miscarriage, saying only that she “bought a drug via the internet which is commonly used to induce abortions,” according to the Daily Mail. That could refer to RU486 or some other abortifacient.

Nor is it clear whether Catt , 35,  knew she was pregnant before an ultrasound scan taken  two days short of 30 weeks in March 2010.

Although Catt pled guilty, she has has refused to tell police what happened,” Smith said. “To date no remains of that pregnancy, nor body, nor child has been traced,” she said.

Catt was released on bail. She has two children, aged 10 and eight, and was accompanied to court by her husband Stephen, 41. According to the Daily Mail

“The couple have kept the case secret from close relatives and Catt’s father-in-law last night said news of the court appearance was a ‘complete shock.’

“He described Catt as a ‘lovely woman’ and said the offence was ‘totally out of character.’ Roger Catt also told police he knew of no problems in the marriage.

Roger Catt added, “As far as we were aware everything was hunky dory and still is.”

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