Obama Re-Election team concedes Wisconsin up for grabs

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-Life Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

By the time you read this post, we can hope that pro-life Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will have rebuffed a recall election. Gov. Walker is a long-time hero for the pro-life cause, having begun his advocacy as the student pro-life leader at Marquette University, the same entity which conducted the poll. His opponent, Tom Barrett, has an extensive voting history in favor of abortion, having voted for taxpayer funding of abortion and for partial-birth abortion when he was a member of Congress.

But either way, not so long ago it would have been heresy to think that Wisconsin was “in play” in the 2012 presidential election. Then Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina sent out a video to supporters Monday that reporters jumped on.

While the National Journal’s Alex Roarty characterized the video as “a plea to not panic despite tightening polls and worsening economic reports,” what grabbed reporters’ attention is what the video said about how the White House is sizing up the electoral map. “Pundits have debated,” Roarty wrote,

“which traditionally blue state–18 of them and the District of Columbia have been Democratic every presidential election since 1992 –  might be poised to turn red. Well, the map likely tips the White House’s hand: It’s Wisconsin. The Badger State is the only one the Obama campaign classifies as undecided, not other potentially Romney-friendly places like Michigan or Pennsylvania.”

There is a lot to chew over in Roarty’s story.

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