The National Right to Life Convention: As Good as You Make It

By Jonathan Rogers, NRLC Field Coordinator

Every year, attendees at the National Right to Life Convention know that the three-day convention will bring together the finest collection of top-flight talent in the pro-life movement they can find anywhere. Major speakers who are widely recognized in their fields (leading medical/scientific researchers, well-known activists, and long-time veteran leaders from the state and local level) cover every pro-life topic with depth, experience, and wisdom. 

Whether you are a pro-life novice, or have been involved for decades, there is much to learn from—and then share! Everything from the latest developments in education, pro-life organization, medical research, policy, law, and the political scene, will be covered. Consider:

* On Wednesday evening, June 27, the Association for Interdisciplinary Research in Values and Social Change will hold its annual “paper session.” This is always a must-attend event and this year the focus will be on men and abortion and the effect abortion has on them.

* Dozens and dozens of pro-life exhibits…offering information on every aspect of the right to life movement.

* The 27th annual National Teens for Life Convention – three full days packed with information specifically for teens. Be sure to bring a handful of teens and help them start a Teens for Life group in your area.

* Five General Sessions, a Prayer Breakfast, a closing Banquet, and over 75 workshops encompassing every topic imaginable.  There will be special “tiers” of workshops you can attend that will give you additional information on the topics you most wish to learn about.

* Awesome childcare for your children…while you are hard at work learning, they are hard at play, going on amazing field trips, swimming, having picnics, ice cream Sunday parties, etc.

A concluding thought. The Pro-Life Movement is not and has never been a top-down organism. It is led by a grassroots collection of volunteers who have come together  around the most important social justice issue of our times. It all begins with  YOU!

Those of us at NRLC in Washington see plenty of other groups and movements where “the grassroots” just means a pool of donors and lists to support the movers and shakers at the top of the organization. National Right to Life is the exact opposite, drawing our strength from our more than 3,000 local chapters.

Why is all that important? Because the work of our Movement is accomplished one person at a time. One life saved, one mind changed, one victory won.

The National Right to Life Convention provides tools and resources to help you, the grassroots individual, conduct the work of the Movement  better. The workshops, the sessions, the booth and exhibits, the chances to meet other pro-lifers and converse and share ideas and tips, provide a forum to facilitate your work. 

But without the attendees who come every year from around the country, from chapters and affiliates, from Crisis Pregnancy Centers and pro-life Media Outlets, from Churches and Schools, this magnificent educational banquet would go to waste. But with the attendees we have every year, the convention becomes an event like no other. 

So if you can, come this summer to Washington DC., June 28-30.  Join the largest gathering of grassroots pro-life leaders.

All we need to save more lives is you.

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