Romney Carries Six States in “Super Tuesday”

By Dave Andrusko

When the results of the ten-state “Super Tuesday” are dividing 6-3-1, there is something for Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich to each take away.

Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, carried the most states (six) and the most delegates, widening his lead. In addition to prevailing over Santorum by one percentage point in the crucial state of Ohio, Romney prevailed in primaries in Virginia, Massachusetts, and Vermont, as well as in the Idaho and Alaska caucuses.

Santorum won primaries in Tennessee and Oklahoma, and the North Dakota caucus.

Gingrich clinched his first primary victory since the January 21 South Carolina primary by winning in Georgia.

Rep. Ron Paul (Tx.) finished second in four states: Vermont, Idaho, North Dakota, and Virginia.

The delegate math is subject to constant revision. There were 437 delegates up for grabs Tuesday; Romney won an estimated 213. According to CBS News, Romney now has a total of 391 delegates, Santorum 140, Gingrich 95,  and Paul has 38.. By contrast ABC News has Romney with 397 delegates, Santorum with 175, Gingrich with 104, and Paul with 45. Fox News has Romney at 415, Santorum at 176, Gingrich at 105, and Paul at 47.

1,144 delegates are needed to be nominated

Over the next ten days there are two Southern (Alabama and Mississippi) and two Midwestern (Kansas and Missouri) primaries and caucuses.

In a poll released Monday by Gallup,

“Mitt Romney leads Rick Santorum by 16 percentage points in Feb. 29-March 4 Gallup Daily tracking of national Republican registered voters’ preferences for their party’s nomination. Romney is at 38%, Santorum 22%, Newt Gingrich 15%, and Ron Paul 12%. Santorum led Romney by 10 points as recently as Feb. 20. … At this point, Romney leads or ties Santorum (and the other two candidates) across every major ideological and demographic category, based on analysis of weekly data from Feb. 27-March 4.”

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