Reflections on the March for Life: Part Two of Three :Combating “The Greatest Lie Ever Told”

By Dave Andrusko

If you pay attention, you will always hear a pro-lifer attending the March for Life capture a core truth, In this case, it was about 1:30 in the afternoon, 90 minutes after the Rally had begun, and in the midst of on-again, off-again rain.

The man was standing at the corner of Sixth and Independence. Speaking to a friend, he gestured behind him at the stream of people approaching from both sides of the street and said simply, “They just keep coming.”

If you combine the weather (ugly), the distances people drive to come to the nation’s capital (from as far away as the Midwest), and the sheer number of people (steadily growing year after year), every time you think everyone has arrived, behold, another wave of newcomers piles out of the metro. It is truly astonishing.

Three quick thoughts about the March for Life commemorating the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

First, the number of attendees has to be educated guesswork. DC rallies are a political hot potato and as a consequence the U.S. Park Police has provided only one estimate in the past fifteen years: the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

But the line that snaked its way up Constitution Avenue to the United States Supreme Court went on and on and on and on. Another way of guesstimating: the crowd is so large many people no longer even get close to the National Mall which is where the Rally takes place. In a word the crowd was enormous.

Second, there’s been a lot of talk about how angry various categories of people are. What I sensed today was something utterly different.

This assembly of pro-lifers understood perfectly that Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion President in our history. I’m sure many nodded their heads when pro-life champion Rep. Chris Smith told them, “The past three years of abortion extremism by President Obama is a mere foretaste—a mere foreshadowing—of what will be if he is reelected.” If he wins a second term, “Mr. Obama’s abortion extremism will significantly worsen.”

Resolute determination, not anger, was the reigning emotion.

Third, as I was walking through the crowd, I heard one of the speakers utter a line that may be familiar to everyone else but was new to me. Abortion, he said, is “The Greatest Lie Ever Told.” Yes!

In a sense you and I are operate like truth detectors, registering a reading every time some monstrous pro-abortion lie is uttered. Our task is to make sure that the public at large, not just our Movement, has the tools to detect nonsense, the common denominator of which is that in some bizarre way abortion is “good” for women.

Abortion is horrible for women and lethal for their unborn children. And that is a truth that must be conveyed not just every commemoration of the granddaddy of all lies—Roe v. Wade—but every day.

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