Order Your NRLC 2011 Convention CDs!

By Dave Andrusko

Having attended 31 National Right to Life Conventions, I know that there is nothing quite like personally sharing time and talents and insights with fellow pro-lifers. But I also know that no matter how diligently you take advantage of the pro-life educational event of the year, even if you make it to all four general sessions, Prayer Breakfast, and the closing Banquet, you can’t possibly be at all 70+ workshops.

That’s why National Right to Life records these sessions. For you and for the pro-lifers who were unable to make it to Jacksonville, Florida.If you go to www.stoptheabortionagenda.com/convention/files/2011%20Conv%20Recording%20Order%20Form.pdf, you can print out a list of all these marvelous sessions and choose which to order. (You can order them all at a fabulous savings.)

If you peruse the list for even five minutes, what a compilation of information opportunities and great speakers you’ll find. From Day One and Fred Barnes through the closing Banquet on Day Three with Michael Clancy—and everything in between– attendees to NRLC 2011 were blessed with the highest caliber educational fare.

And if you were there (and anything like me), you want to re-listen to many of the sessions you attended. I took furious notes, but that only scratched the surface of what was offered, day in and day out.

Final thought: these CDs are not just for you, great as that is. They are for your friends and family and for your chapters.

So, please go to www.stoptheabortionagenda.com/convention/files/2011%20Conv%20Recording%20Order%20Form.pdf.

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