Help Us Publish this Powerful Ad (and More!)

In the last week, I’ve shared with you information about the important campaign we’re conducting to let millions of Americans know the truth about unborn babies: that long before birth they can feel pain and that their lives should be protected so no baby ever has to suffer from such cruelty.

I mentioned that by the end of this week, we would have to finalize our budget and purchase of ads and other media to get the word out to millions of Americans during the period around January 22nd, when the anniversary of Roe v. Wade is in the news and the issue of abortion is on people’s minds.

That makes the opportunity great, but unfortunately, we are still short of our goal.

If we meet our goal, we could potentially reach as many as 22 million Americans with the truth that unborn babies feel pain and deserve legal protection. I’ve been deeply touched by the response so far. I can see that some donors have stretched themselves with extra generous gifts to help us meet our goal and be a voice for babies who suffer the pain of abortion.

But we still need the help of more pro-lifers to make the campaign a rousing success and save every life we can. As we conclude the campaign this week, I want to ask each of you to please donate all you can, to forward this plea to your pro-life friends and to ask them to give, as well.

Next week, we will order as many ads and signs and other ways of communicating our message to America as funds allow. Lives will be saved and hearts will be changed by our campaign. But how much we can do depends on you.

Can you please help with a donation of $500 or $250 or $100 to give the lift we need to meet our campaign goal and reach 22 million Americans with the truth about fetal pain?

Every baby at risk of a being aborted should have every one of us standing with him or her to prevent the tragedy of their painful death. I’m offering a way we can all stand with the babies today and tomorrow as we wrap up our campaign.

For their sake, please help!

Thank you and may God bless you for caring for His most defenseless children,

Carol Tobias,
National Right to Life

PS: Can you please forward this to your friends with a request that they help, too?