Good news you may have missed in the battle to protect human embryos

By Scott Fischbach, executive director, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life

MCCL Executive Director Scott Fischbach

We live in such a loud and noisy world that sometimes the news that is most important gets lost.  In recent weeks some major developments have been taking place in the battle to protect living human embryos from so-called scientists who want to dissect and kill them.

If you remember back to the last Minnesota legislative session, officials with the University of Minnesota released a phony report claiming that creating and killing human embryos would become a great cash cow for our state.  I laughed out loud when I read the U of M’s phony claims, but there were some in the media and a few in the Legislature who actually believed them!

The U of M’s scheme to fame and riches was to dissect and kill living human embryos and clones, own the patents to the genetic material and sell them at great profit to grow a whole state industry built on the deaths of the innocent embryos.  In addition to fame and riches, the U of M claimed it would create cures for just about anything and everything that has ever afflicted humankind.  Honestly, the story the U of M spun rivaled some of the best that Disney has ever offered.

Enter reality.  No one has ever been cured of anything by killing human embryos.  Killing human embryos kills human embryos — that is all it does.  No cures, no cash, no fame and no glory … just dead human embryos.  Four days ago the first FDA-approved clinical trial on stem cells derived from killing human embryos was abandoned! 

Not only did the company, Geron, abandon the clinical trials, it is giving up its entire stem cell program!  The New York Times reported on it at

A little more reality.  The new U.S. Patent Law just enacted prohibits the patenting of any human organisms: embryos, clones, cells, etc., are all off limits.  The “cash cow” of royalties from patents?  Gone!

The global reality.  The European Union judicial system just echoed the new U.S. Patent Law when it decreed that there would be no patenting of human genetic materials in the EU, either.

We can only hope that the U of M and its so-called researchers who support the creation and killing of human embryos will come out of the lab long enough to get a healthy dose of reality.

Creating human life just to kill it will bring them no fame, no money, no cures, no royalties — just dead, innocent human beings.

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