Wisconsin Right to Life Hails Decline in Abortions

Barbara Lyons, Executive Director, Wisconsin Right to Life

Numbers released today by the Department of Health Services show an 8.4% reduction in Wisconsin abortions in 2010 compared to 2009, prompting Barbara Lyons, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life, to say, ”We are elated to see a continuation of reduced abortions in our state with the bottom line being the lives of babies saved and number of mothers protected from a lifetime of emotional pain.”

In 2010 7,825 abortions were performed compared to 8,542 in 2009, a decrease of 717 abortions.

The DHS report indicates not only a decline in the number of abortions but also a drop in the abortion rate and ratio. In both cases Wisconsin’s numbers are less than half the national average.

“Once again, Wisconsin is leading the way in abortion reduction, a stated goal of Wisconsin Right to Life over the past fifteen years,” Lyons said.  “We continue to believe that reduced abortions result from young people turning away from abortion as a solution to social problems; Wisconsin Right to Life’s ongoing and comprehensive commitment to educating the public through television advertising and the Internet; and direct help to pregnant women through Pregnancy Help Centers.”

Reflecting on the 8.4% decline, Lyons concluded, “It is thrilling to know that more Wisconsin women are choosing life for their babies and experiencing emotional health for themselves.”    

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